le6ilegion's Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Xbox 360) review

Most Wanted?

This is an arcade racing game that takes place in an open city. Looks quite good, cars get scratched but the damage doesn't affect their performance. Let's you drive real cars, upgrade them and has some options to customize their look, not as extensive but at least it has some.

What I liked:

  • Story driven game... not much of a story really but, the fact that you have a purpose to race instead of just winning cups like others.
  • The police can chase you adding something extra to the races.
  • Difficulty raises as you progress forcing you to either have a fully upgraded ride or be looking to buy and test better cars.

What I didn't like:

  • Bosses drive supercars, I mean, if you ram them you will be stopped no matter how fast you're going.
  • Sometimes you hit an invisible wall. its like the corners of the polygons that make the wall or something.
  • The presentation started really cool with video and everything like a movie, but after that all you get are some sms and voice messages in your cell. You won't see any movie until the end.
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Posted by AndyMP

Personally speaking Most Wanted is my favorite of all the NFS games. Those cop car chases are awesome.

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