GB NFS: Most Wanted PC/Origin Friends List

#151 Posted by Rmack (1105 posts) -

Anyone feel free to add me.


Not sure when available, but I'll be playing off and on and adding you guys.

#152 Posted by toolus (122 posts) -

Just picked this up. Feel free to add me


No set time when im available. Usually evenings US Central.

#153 Posted by karatetron (698 posts) -

I got this game off of the holiday sales, and it would be cool to fill up my autolog with duders.

Origin ID: BananaMouth

I'll be available to play weekends, usually past 7 PM EST

#154 Posted by Atom (231 posts) -

Is this thread still alive?

Origin ID: atomico

#155 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1141 posts) -

@Atom said:

Is this thread still alive?

Origin ID: atomico

It's still alive but I recommend that you add people from the bottom of the list and then go up from there. Some people are not playing this anymore including myself but I will keep this thread alive as long as possible for you guys.

#156 Posted by TopCat88 (191 posts) -

Origin ID: SaltyPigHands

I live in Taiwan, so perhaps not the best chance of catching you guys. We'll see how it goes.

P.S I just picked this up for free thanks to Origin + SimCity's failures. Hopefully a few duders do the same this week.

#157 Edited by Metal_Mills (3381 posts) -

Got this for stupidly buying SimCity. Metal_Mills. Feel free to add me, even just for autolog!

#158 Edited by MannyCalavera (110 posts) -

Hi guys, DarthPacheco, GMT-1, available every night.

#159 Posted by skittles (179 posts) -

Super late to the party, but like a few others I just got this courtesy of the Sim City debacle.

Add me for some autolog competition? My Origin ID is "skoolthar".

#160 Posted by champion121 (2 posts) -

Hi guys, add me on NFS Most Wanted, login:champion4740

#161 Edited by MedalOfMode (314 posts) -

MedalOfMode GMT +2

#162 Posted by Fattony12000 (7892 posts) -

Reporting in with my free copy from EA!

Origin ID: Fattony12000

Availability: You'll have me when I want you to have me

Does the handling of the cars feel like total shit to anyone else, by the way?

#163 Edited by streetninja (178 posts) -

@fattony12000: I find the handling to be far from as tight as I'd like, but not total shit.

Origin ID: PastaGeddon

Availability: Don't know. Send me a message on here or at my Steam account, streetninja, and I'll probably get on at some point.

#164 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1141 posts) -

Does the handling of the cars feel like total shit to anyone else, by the way?

I'd say it feels more closer to total garbage than total shit.

#165 Posted by demonbarbarian (2 posts) -

i got no friends playing this game, need some competition to keep the game fun. p1paul . thank you available everyday round about 7ish uk time

#167 Edited by Stefanzi (9 posts) -

I am Stefanzi, both on Origin and GB. Add me and I will work through the above list soon.

I am in Perth, WA, Australia and I usually play after 8pm local time, my brother lives in LA so I am familiar with the difficulty in working out and arranging time for games. It is midnight here now and 9am Pacific time (9am this morning that is, enjoy your Friday's at work!).

For Europeans, we are GMT+8, the same as Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong and KL just without the daylight saving. Midnight here equals 5pm in London, 6pm in Berlin, I hope you enjoyed your working day.

I am not suggesting that anyone is incapable of figuring out what time it is in a far off land, just trying to make it easier by saying if I am going to play a game I will log on at 5am US Pacific time and 1 and 2pm in London and Berlin respectively.

Hope to see you all (nope, too unlikely), hopefully some of you in Fairhaven.

#168 Posted by Gelf513 (74 posts) -

Origin ID: Gelf513

EST-- afternoons and evenings

#169 Posted by navya_suri13 (2 posts) -

Add me. My username is navya.suri13 :-)

#170 Edited by snedmau5 (4 posts) -

origin id- procommander67 (UK time)

#171 Posted by Ryanoceros510 (2 posts) -

Available 24/7 !!! Thanks for the invites!

Origin ID: Ryanoceros510

#172 Posted by enriquein (4 posts) -

Origin ID: enriquein

Seriously, playing this game with an empty log is pretty crappy.

#173 Posted by kadir963 (2 posts) -

I am NFS most wanted player. my orgin name is.

wanted_kadir please send friend request. I am waiting for you.

#174 Posted by Vash18 (2 posts) -

Origin ID: vash18

I'm always active :)

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