GB NFS:MW PSN ID Friends List Drivers Unite!

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#51 Posted by Icon (16 posts) -


Down for most nights and weekends. Feel free to add me!

#52 Posted by bigwhiteyeti (45 posts) -

I won't be getting the game for a little bit, but I played the hell out of Burnout, so look to see a lot of me in the future. Anyone who wants to, just mention you're from GB.

PSN: bigwhiteyeti

#53 Posted by GJSmitty (651 posts) -

I just made a new PSN account, so I could use some friends :D

PSN: GJSmitty

Availability: Random weekdays and weekends.

#54 Posted by Phatmac (5731 posts) -

List updated!

#55 Posted by Nadafinga (960 posts) -

PSN: Nadafinga

Online nightly 9pm-midnight CST

#56 Posted by smallmanoncampus (115 posts) -

PSN: TheTruthful1

#57 Posted by shinkazama (1 posts) -

arngrimselith weekdays

#58 Posted by flameboy84 (296 posts) -

Hi can I please get added to the list? A lot of my Burnout Paradise crew have not picked this up or have since sold their PS3s and bought 360s. So at the moment my autolog is a bit bare. PSN id is flameboyCA I'm free to play weekdays day time till 3pm EST and then free during the days on Saturdays and Sundays.

Many Thanks!

#59 Posted by kicker1991 (33 posts) -

psn: kicker1991

ill be available in the late afternoon/evening on most days, hope to see some of you guys online then :D

#60 Posted by Peleus (27 posts) -

PSN: Peleus81

I am on Random nights of the week and weekends

#61 Posted by Pysk (20 posts) -


I live in Austria, Europe and play mostly in the evening.

#62 Posted by flameboy84 (296 posts) -
#63 Posted by dropabombonit (1492 posts) -

Okay just ordered my copy now that I have finished AC3, will be playing it on Tuesday

#64 Edited by Clamhammer (14 posts) -

PSN: Clamhammer81

#65 Posted by devine1210 (37 posts) -

PSN: devine1210

I'm on pretty much everyday right now.

#66 Posted by Phatmac (5731 posts) -

I'll be updating the list tonight! Sorry been super busy. :(

#67 Posted by Thwip (33 posts) -

PSN: Nataku131

I'm on most weeknights(EST) and anytime during the weekend.

#68 Posted by Nadafinga (960 posts) -

@Phatmac said:

I'll be updating the list tonight! Sorry been super busy. :(

You misspelled my PSN ID when you put it into the list.

#69 Posted by mikey87144 (1808 posts) -


I like the game so I play it quite a bit. Random hours.

#70 Posted by TubbyBoy (4 posts) -

TubbyBoy6919 - mention giantbomb or NFS

#71 Posted by Coleslaw893 (412 posts) -

PSN: Coleslaw893

Mostly Weekends. Mention Giant Bomb or NFS.

#72 Posted by mijndert (6 posts) -

PSN: mijnderts

I'm from Europe so different timezones and all, but I'm mostly available on weekends and in the afternoon.

#73 Edited by Szlifier (522 posts) -

PSN: szlifier

CET, evenings. Invite me whenever I'm online.

#74 Posted by DuderBattalion (269 posts) -


From Toronto, Canada here. I mostly play on weekends and nights on weekdays (EST). I'd love to have some friends on my Autolog ! Add me ..

#75 Posted by jediavenger1738 (20 posts) -


Evenings and weekends for me mostly. Please mention GiantBomb or NFS in the friend request!

#76 Posted by ikabubu (209 posts) -


No, really, that's also my PSN ID.

Can't promise that I'll be online often. I have a busy schedule and a stack of other good games that came out recently, but I do want to (at least) fill the Autolog with some people I can compete against.

#77 Posted by nofxaregood (5 posts) -

PSN: c0nf0rm_nz

Sunday and Monday 9pm GMT for an hour or so.

#78 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Don't know if everybody is done with the game, but I picked it up.
PSN - Hizang

#79 Posted by ikabubu (209 posts) -

@Hizang: Even if people have put the game down, I find that filling your Autolog with people's scores to compete against surprisingly perked up the single-player enough for me to play it for chunks at a time.

#80 Edited by jasonefmonk (347 posts) -

I am ookamiwarrior on PSN. I'll be on at random times, and am always down for a custom list of all ramps and romps. Please mention Giant Bomb if you add me.

I've sent a request to everyone in the table and people above my post that aren't in it yet. There are a few exceptions though:

Your friends list is full.

@randiolo, @GJSmitty, Your online IDs "pazzarandiolo", "amgrimselith" and "GJSmity", respectively, don't seem to exist. Spelling problems maybe?

#81 Posted by Bundle85 (151 posts) -

bundle85 - not available reliably, looking mostly for speedwall

#82 Posted by acev (101 posts) -

just got this from amazon, psn: acev0rn

i'm around on weekends

#83 Posted by monkshaw (3 posts) -

Just got this

Psn : monkkill mostly around on weekends

#84 Posted by MalkavianJD (58 posts) -

PSN: MalkavianJD

#85 Edited by Slumberpunch (140 posts) -

PSN: Unpapal

#86 Posted by mijndert (6 posts) -

PSN: mijnderts

#87 Posted by sizzlerxanadu (3 posts) -

PSN: oklay

#88 Posted by jinacroels (1 posts) -


I hope that it's ok that i'm from Belgium ... my psn name is : jinacroels

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