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Title Screen
Not to be confused with the side scrolling Activision game released under the name 'Ghostbusters II', this version was actually made by Hal Laboratories and it was not released in America. It was very similar to the Gameboy version also released under the same name and takes part in an isometric view of the world. This version of the game had a much more distinct cartoon version of the movie in terms of art direction as opposed to the Activision's version which tried to create more realistic sprites.


The game's story is loosely based on the Ghostbusters II movie and as such the game did not try to explain what the events in the game were and why they were happening. The basic premise of the game was that the once barbarian lord Vigo is trying to resurrect himself. He attempts to do this by stealing a human child through which he can be reborn. This baby is the child of Dana, a person who the Ghostbusters are very close to and now it is up to them to stop him and save Dana's baby.


Character select screen
At the start of the game the player is able to choose two members of the Ghostbusters team made up of Peter, Egon, Ray, Winston and for some odd reason their accountant Louis. The first character chosen is the primary character and the second character is the trapper. The player has direct control of the primary character and is used to fire a proton beam that momentarily stuns an enemy. The trapper character is utilized to trap the ghosts, thus dispatching of them entirely. The player does not have direct control over the trapper character other than letting them know when to set the trap. The trapper character moves by itself and is invincible. Progress through the game usually meant walking around the different areas of a level and catching all the ghosts before entering a boss battle.

Spot em

Zap em

Trap em

Game Boy Version 

Ghostbusters II for the Game Boy was only released in Japan and PAL regions. It was never released in the US due to licensing issues with Activision. The Game Boy version follows the same gameplay and design as the NES version but with simpler graphics and less ghosts. Like the NES, the player can control two Ghostbusters at once; one uses the Proton Pack to zap the ghosts and the other throws the Ghost Trap to capture them. But unlike the NES, this version only has three stages and no multiplayer capabilities.   
 Busting ghosts at the palm of your hand.
Players can change Ghostbusters by touching the other members that are scattered around the stages. The only unplayable Ghostbuster is Louis Tully, who only acts as a supporting character and provides extra lives. Changing to different Ghostbusters enables you to all kinds of abilities such as using the Slime Blower to inflict more damage, invincibility for a brief moment and using the Ghost Trap freely while the ghosts are frozen in place. 



Stage 1 (Floors 1-3): Courthouse
Stage 1 Boss: The Scoleri Brothers
Stage 2 (Floors 1-4): Abandoned Subway Tunnels 
Stage 2 Boss: Ghost Train
Stage 3 (Floors 1-5) : Art Museum
Stage 3 Boss: Vigo the Carpathian

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