Dress You Up With My Points (All Over, All Over)

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#101 Posted by cLxELEC7RIC (1 posts) -
Call of Duty Series Helmet, Dog Tags, Army Outfit.
Halo Universe Master Chief Helmet, Mjolnir Armour, BR.

The only problem I see will be the flood of avatars looking like Master Chief.
#102 Posted by Fjun (3 posts) -

guilie suit from CoD 4 and BF:BC (same I guess)
lancer (obviously)
how about a shirt with red-ring on if you send it to microsoft for repair...
cardboard mjolnir armour
head-crab (or is it called face-hugger? from half-life anyways)
shoes with separate toes (mirror's edge)
awsome face-mask (army of two)
proton-pack (ghostbusters the game)
flaming avatar (far cry 2)
various military gear and weponry from games like ghost recon, rainbow six vegas, CoD4 and BF:BC

#103 Posted by bombHills (632 posts) -
#104 Posted by Treppass (123 posts) -

ryu's bandana


the whole get up.    DO IT!

#105 Posted by sdodd02 (722 posts) -

This would be pretty sweet.

#106 Posted by Kraige (1 posts) -

Hopefully this will be coming soon so Avatars can get some of the Street Fighter 4 stuff like Home, at latest it needs to be out for Christmas just think Halo ODST armour or Mass Effect 2 armour that would be awesome hopefully they can make this backwards compatible too, Gears, Fallout etc. then again saying all that everyone will probably end up wearing one costume.
Hopefully they have other plans for Avatars in games and maybe an actual party room for the XBL parties or something like Homes theater for E3 and other events, wouldn't really like a full home copy though alot of that seems pointless and slow to use, just like a party space maybe with decorations and some events places on special ocassions that could be kool.

#107 Edited by Seram (192 posts) -

I think the best suggestion I've seen so far is unlocking Kazooie for your avatar.

EDIT: Scratch that; the best suggestion I've seen is a Headcrab plushie.

#108 Posted by dsplayer1010 (2227 posts) -

That's just how it should work

#109 Posted by Kyle (2323 posts) -

Claw Gauntlet - Prince of Persia 2
Guile hair - Street Fighter IV
Bacon Butty accessory - Viva Pinata 2
Moogle puff ball antenna - FFXIII
"Owned by Dennis Dyack" shirt - Too Human 2

#110 Posted by Miningguyx360 (326 posts) -

Dizzy's Hat from Gears 2 please

#111 Posted by TG_SOLID (72 posts) -

Steam needs to have a gamerscore.

#112 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

A Horsestachio mount

Oh yeah and fursuits so I know who not to play with

#113 Posted by Charon (46 posts) -

Marijuana pipe  (Wolfphelpstein 3D 2084 AD)

#114 Posted by cspiffo (869 posts) -

LOL at the title.  I never would have pegged Jeff as a Madonna fan... :^D

Anyway, WTF!  Where the hell are the F'in' capes.  I have this sweet-ass vampire avatar and no cape.  I'm tellin' you that dog won't hunt!  Give me my damn cape now M$!  Chop Chop!

#115 Posted by Seanakin66 (158 posts) -

Rock Band 2 - Nigel Tufnel's X-Ray vision shirt (yellow trousers optional); that, or Derek's, um, package
The Godfather - Sonny's wife-beater
The Godfather II - Fredo's fishing gear
Assassin's Creed - Templar outfit
Not to mention the Claude Speed get up from GTA III for future GTA IV achievements (for those who killed Dwayne and didn't get PBX's pad)

#116 Posted by spilledmilkfactory (1888 posts) -

i dont own a 360 anymore, but im glad that MS is finally doing something to differentiate avatars from Miis and stuff

#117 Posted by cikame (1022 posts) -

Assassins creed, Altairs white cloak.

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