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Typical Female Newman in PSU.
Newmans were born of humans as the result of an attempt to create a superior species. Although their physical abilities fall short, their magic and spiritual abilities excel and they are masters of TECHNICs. Due to their diminutive physical stature, they are ill-suited for close combat. They primarily live on planet Neudaiz.

Historical background

 Newmans were born of humans as the result of an attempt to create a superior species. They far outpace the average human in terms of reaction time, intellect and memory, but their physical strength is uniformly weaker than those of a human. Due to an inferiority humans felt towards the newmans' extraordinary spiritual abilities, and the superiority of the humans' increased physical strength, human persecution of newmans ran rampant. To help quell this competitiveness, Neudaiz was designated the home of newmans and a mutual non-aggression pact was signed.

Newmans are known for their charming nature, however they are also known to be very exclusive. As a result of their increased spiritual abilities, they are much more sensitive than humans, and have the ability to read others' thoughts and feelings. Newmans have a tendency to avoid deep contact with strangers.

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