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The home planet of the Newmans, Neudaiz is one of the three planet which make up the Gurhal star system.  A lush planet brimming with forests and wildlife, Neudaiz was hit by the SEED infection, which caused many of the native species to turn violent.  To counter the SEED assault, the leaders of the Neudaiz-based religious group, the Communion of Gurhal, activated the LSS (Lattice Shield System) to save Gurhal from destruction. 
The most populous city on Neudaiz is Ohtaku City, which is also the holy city of the Communion of Gurhal, and the home of the Divine Maiden.  The weapons and armor manufacturer Yohmei is located in Ohtaku City.  Neudaiz is also known for it's beautiful sakura (cherry blossom) trees.

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