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Bloody Fun

No More Heroes is a flawed game; I'll just get that out of the way. The graphics and gameplay could be a bit more polished, the story could be a bit more fleshed out, and Santa Destroy, the brilliantly named setting of No More Heroes, could be a bit more alive and interesting. That said, the game is simply put, sick and horrible fun.

After my first decapitation and mutilation, I was hooked. Suda 51 managed to tastefully use the Wii-mote waggle (and by tasteful, I mean jerking it violently in a suggestive manner to recharge your beam sword) allowing for smooth executions and satisfying kills. The boss fights are challenging and unique, if not a bit repetitive, and your effort is often rewarded with classic cut-scenes that will blow your mind, not to mention provide incentive to push on to the next chapter. Considering its now bargain-bin price of $20, it is pretty easy to recommend this game.


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