mixedupzombies's Noby Noby Boy (PlayStation Network (PS3)) review

Noby Noby Boy Review

Noby Noby Boy is an interesting $5 game designed by Keita Takahashi creator of Katamari Damacy

Story: In Noby Noby Boy your Mission is to stretch your boy and look at the trophies and try to get them neither is difficult so it is very odd in this aspect. The reason your Stretching your boy as a giant girl outside of the space of earth needs everyone owns the game to stretch their boy. So the girl can stretch to other worlds and moons and in turn will get everyone new levels to stretch their boys on. Then the Girl will girl grow more getting to new planets and so on and so on in a never ending interesting online experience

Graphics: The Game looks Worse and better then Katamari Damacy. To put it more explainable turns I would say it looks a lot simpler. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing its just different much like this game. No characters have extreme detail and some characters could have been easily rendered using a Playstation. Though if you come here for a graphically impressive experience look else where. It really doesn’t harness the power of the PS3 and the only reason it on there is mainly because of the controls.

Sound and Music:
This is really my only gripe with the game. As, the music is not very good. It just doesn’t hold me at all and was the main reason why I stop playing the game. Also most of the characters don’t make any sound at all which isn’t as fun as the psychotic screams of Katamari Damacy when you roll a character up. Though, the rest of the game is interesting I would recommend getting your music device and listening off of that.

Controls and Gameplay: Noby Noby Boy is a different game though it controls similarly to Katamari Damacy. You use the two dual analog sticks to control your boy. One Analog stick Controls which way part of him goes and the other his other part. In doing this it will cause you character to stretch which like I said before the point of the game. So by pointing the sticks in opposite directions your boy can stretch to immense levels. Their other things he can do as well. Have people and animals ride on him. And basically do anything the game allows as it is extremely versatile in its abilities. Such as crawling through things and stretching through things as well. I must mention that his all takes on a small green box and you can easily stretch so long that he can get to the edges of both sides of the box and fall off. Like I said before their really is only two purposes two this game but there are millions if you want there to be. The levels of green boxes that you can change only vary in characters and objects. Some things are interesting like the ability for your Boy to eat he can soon eat everyone but if he eats till he fills up he will just poop the object or person in high fast explosion out his rear end making a little poot sound. It is amazing how much is in this game for $5. Though, it can be very little if you are looking for the game to amuse you without you using amusing yourself if that makes any sense. The sense in detail is very interesting as it is simple but has tons of stuff. The movement of the boy is fascinating in itself as well as a charater that stretchy and long has never been done before.

All in All this is a fascinating game that deserves your 5 Bucks.
Though you have to make your own fun instead of it coming to you. Which Might be very off putting for some though I recommend trying it as it is only $5 dollars. As It is a experience like no other and need to be seen to be believed. There could be so much involving this game if you just do it. You can spend tons of hours in this game just trying out different lengths to your boy and seeing how the game reacts to it. It is just very intriguing all around.

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