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Nwabudike Morgan was born into African Royalty during the early 2000's. Upon coming of age, he used his family's wealth to kick-start a vast entrepreneurial campaign that involved capitalizing on the gun trade, diamond mines, hotel chains, mercenary corporations and other wildly varied ventures. These efforts bloomed into the mega corporation, "Morgan Industries", a company of brobdignagian proportions that was the main contributor to the construction of the Unity Rocket to Alpha Centauri. This gave him a seat on the trip.  After Captain Garland died, Nwabudike became the figurehead of Unity's capitalists. 
He is a financial genius (represented in his factions extra economic point) able to build up imposing monopolies from humble beginnings. Very appropriate considering in the early game, his cities can only accommodate a population size of 4 before needing a hab complex as his subjects' opulent mansions and sprawling townhouses take little concern of the limited space. Also since his people consider luxury as a right, his support rating is one lower than the average leader. But their whiny demands are made tolerable by their deep pockets. The Morgans start with 100 more energy credits than every other faction.

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