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Tradition tells that at the beginning of known history two deities, Wyrd and Nyx, sparred with one another over the fate of a newly created world. The former had created said world, or rather, had conjured it from within a dream, an act for which the latter took exception. The nature of her dispute with Wyrd is not fully understood, but it is clear that both she and the Old Gods who had previously inhabited the Myth universe were angered by the sudden arrival of this new realm, and presumably sought to undo it. The battle that followed, it is told, shaped the face of the world, with geographical features such as Tharsis seen to the present day as evidence of the struggle between Wyrd and Nyx. In the end, Wyrd was victorious over Nyx, and his creation remained. Little information exists regarding Nyx's activities or whereabouts thereafter, but there are those in Myth, most notably the Trow, who still hold her in high regard, so it is possible that even in defeat she still maintains some modicum of influence over the world's proceedings.

Birth of the Trow

It isn't known for certain at what juncture the Trow came to be, but the Trow themselves have always maintain that they were created by Nyx herself, and have existed since the dawn of time. If this is true, than it is probable that they were born after Nyx's defeat as a final commentary on Wyrd's creation. Whether she is their literal creator or not, the Trow worship Nyx to the exclusion of almost all else. In the present day, they maintain a detachment from the affairs of the rest of the world, though when provoked or otherwise spurred to fight, there are none more fearsome. Their insular nature is likely a reflection of Nyx's own negative appraisal of the world, as the Trow have shown disdain for other "lesser" races on many occasions. It is widely believed that the Trow exist in limited numbers with no means of reproduction, which might signal that Nyx either lacks the ability to create true, self-perpetuating life, or simply does not value it.

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