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An impressive upgrade on the camo system in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, the Octocamo allows for Old Snake to adopt the pattern of any object or surface that he can press against.  After defeating Laughing Octopus, Snake gains a mask offering full body camo coverage allowing for almost perfect simulation of the his surroundings, at the cost of the mask remaining on his head during cutscenes, robbing them of any sense of realism or drama. 
If the player shakes the controller up and down, either during gameplay or a cutscene, the Octocamo will reset, and the image on it will fade away, to be replaced by the suit's default dark grey colour. The only time this does not apply is when Snake copies a pattern during a cutscene, such as the early sequence where he narrowly evades a pair of murderous Gekko by blending into a wall.

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