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Onigami Korinden Oni is the fifth game in Pandora Box/Banpresto's ONI series of RPGs based around Japanese folklore, specifically focusing on malevolent spirits (youkai) and demons (oni). Like its predecessors, all of which were Game Boy originals, Onigami Korinden Oni follows the story of a demon-hunting samurai in historical Japan as he is accosted by the forces of darkness.

The game introduces the helper character: an NPC that joins the hero and helps them in combat, either by supplying extra damage or by healing the protagonist (similar to the helper NPCs of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest). All combat takes place on circular stages with theater-style backdrops, presenting each battle as if it was a Kabuki play.

Onigami Korinden Oni was never released outside of Japan. It was followed with one other Super Famicom entry in 1996: Bakumatsu Korinden Oni.

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