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An Option is a power-up that spawns a small pod along side your character that conveys different abilities in almost every game it is in. This item is most often seen in side scrolling shooters, providing assistance in the form of blocking enemy fire or adding extra attacks. Two great examples of differing Options are found in Life Force and R-Type.

In Life Force the Option is basically nothing more than a second cannon alongside your ship, much like whne you retrieve a captured ship in Galaga. It will fly with your ship and fire the same type of ammo you currently posses. This is help in almost every situation, as it doubles both your firepower and range.

In R-Type on the other hand, the Option plays a much more prominent role. After the first power-up is picked up, the Option appears from off screen. At this point you can either attach it to the front or back end of your ship, or you can let it fly by itself. The Option fires every time you fire, regardless of whether or not it is attached to your ship, and does not take damage from enemy fire. The catch is that while it is off by itself you cannot take advantage of power-up abilities or use it to block incoming fire. This calls for a much more strategic play style with the Option than in most other shooters, as the game almost begs you to consider it as a second character rather than just a power-up.

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