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The Fire Beast, Ormagöden, came into the world roaring across the sky like an angry comet of flaming, molten iron. His metal body burned so brightly it illuminated the world and all of its hateful creatures. The First Ones, now forced to see their hideous selves as they were, retreated underground and began planning the murder of the Fire Beast so that darkness could return to their world.
One day, the king of the First Ones used the song of the beautiful being named Aetulia to lure Ormagöden to the ground, where they tried to douse his flaming body with mud. Rather than being extinguished, the mighty Fire Beast let out an earth-shattering scream and exploded violently. A million pieces of his steel flesh shot into the ground, veining it with ore. His fire flew up into the sky and became the sun. His blood flooded the world and drowned all the First Ones as it formed the oceans. His death cry was so loud that would echo throughout the world forever. And thus the world was blessed with the elements of Blood, Fire, Noise and Metal.
In the time of Brütal Legend, Ormagöden is but a legend, misinterpreted by some, until the roadie Eddie Riggs inadvertently summons the spirit of the Fire Beast in the Modern Age, where it acts generally awesome before sending Eddie to the Age of Metal. Before this the only one who knows for certain the truth of Ormagöden seems to be Lord Doviculus, who has gone through a lot of trouble sealing any relics and artefacts that honour the Fire Beast or provides any clues to his legend.

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