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Orthopox, known as Pox for short, is Crypto's commanding officer, who gives him his assignments. Pox is an intelligent Furon scientist who likes to experiment on Furon DNA, and is the second most senior fleet comander in the entire Furon Navy. Pox is the mastermind behind the expedition to retrieve the Furon DNA from Human brainstems. Pox is a brilliant tactician, a canny businessman, and holds his own in chess. However, Years of physical neglect has rendered his lower extremedies somewhat useless, reqiring the use of a Cerebro Chair, with which he uses to float about, and to help support his massive cranium. Pox also has Cranial Implants on his head, which resemble metalic horns. These could be a sign of Pox's high status in the Furon Armada. Pox's achievements include: Conqueror of Zarkon-5, Hero of the Battle of Tharsis Mons, Winner of the Xanthrax-47 Mental Cruelty Award 6 years running. Having been destroyed at the beginning of Destroy All Humans! 2, Pox's mind has been confined to a HoloPox unit, a Furon hologram projector that he developed himself, which he managed to download his conscious into before the mothership exploded. Now, 15 years of being dead, Pox isn't what he used to be, and is somewhat confused. Voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz.

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