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Osaka Bancho is the main antagonist of OMGWTFOTL. He is very loud, powerful, and ferocious. Osaka is one of the most powerful banchos (leader of a group of delinquents) in the area. He raped the protagonist's younger sister and blinded his best friend.

Osaka towering over the protagonist

OMGWTFOTL starts with Osaka threatening to kill the unnamed protagonist who was trying to buy a farm. He landed a headbutt and punch on the protagonist's face which caused him to bleed profusely. If the protagonist refused to give in, he suddenly gained strength and beats up Osaka. If the protagonist demanded that Osaka genuflect, Osaka pulled out a gun and shot the protagonist dead. Otherwise, the protagonist killed Osaka then proceeded to eat him.

If the protagonist requested help from Karl Gotch, Osaka immediately punched Gotch, which only served to enrage him. If the protagonist confessed his feelings for Osaka, he realized his feelings for the protagonist. Osaka then embraced the protagonist and gave Gotch a katana, requesting him to kill them both. Osaka explained that now that he had found love, he is no longer fit to be a bancho.

Otherwise, Osaka and Gotch engaged in a duel and the protagonist walked away.

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