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Who is He? / What's his Significance?

Ostrava makes several appearances, provided the player rescues him each time.
  • He first appears in 1-1 and asks your help fighting some monsters. If you save him here, he will give you a Brass Telescope.
  • Later, he is stuck in a tunnel in 1-2, cornered by archers. If you save him, he will give you 3 Dark Moon Grasses.
  • You will have to save him one last time in 1-3, as he is cornered by Red Eyed Knights, and a soldier. You must kill every one of these enemies to get the reward. If you save him here he will give the player a Pure Clearstone. *Be advised that he will not return to the Nexus after this and you will not be able to kill him for the quest  for Mephistopheles to get the Talisman of Beasts.
  • He next will be found on the steps that lead to King Allant's royal palace entrance. He will give you the Mausoleum Key to fight Old King Doran and get the Demonbrandt.
  • Regardless of whether you personally killed him or not, his Black Phantom will appear before the elevator that leads to King Allant's quarters.
  • His Black Phantom's death will reward you with the Rune Sword and Shield.

What Happens if I Kill Him?


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