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The Red Dragon of Boletaria

Blue Dragon of Boletaria
The Boletarian Palace and it's levels are comprised of primarily human based enemies with the exception of the first boss, Phalanx, and it's underlings, Hoplites, which are a sort of sludge type creature; The Red Dragon and Blue Dragon are also the other non-human based entities featured in the world; and lastly a few dogs ravage the streets. 
Although it is the first Archstone offered to the player your progress is impeded after the defeating the Tower Knight (Section 1-2) until you defeat the Archdemon (Final Boss) of another world. You may continue past the Tower Knight Archstone and onto the third and fourth sections of the world, after you defeat your first Archdemon. 

 Biorr of the Twin Fangs

As you make your way throughout the different levels of Boletaria you will meet different NPCs, the first of which whom you will come across is Ostrava, of Boletaria. You can choose to kill him, let him be killed, or escort him through the different levels of this world for a reward, of which can be earned no matter the outcome, the first two options being the fastest though unrecommended. 

In 1-3 you may obtain a key that opens a door in 1-2 that leads you to a jail cell in which you can save Biorr of the Twin Fangs, who will assist you in the Penetrator boss fight and will also fight the Blue Dragon in 1-4. If you kill him or allow him to be killed you may loot his armor (Brushwood set). You will also find a Bloody Key in the area of which you first encounter Biorr, this key allows you to find and rescue Yuria, the Witch. She will return to the Nexus where she will serve as a trainer for advanced level spells. 

If you return to 1-1 with either a World Tendency of Pure White or Pure Black a gate will be opened to the left of Boletarian Palace Archstone and will lead to an area where you can Miralda the Executioner. You will have to fight her, if you come across her in Pure Black she will be in her Phantom form and her loot will be different. in Pure White she will drop the Master's Ring and Binded Cross armor set, in Pure Black she will drop the Guillotine Axe.
 Old King Doran
Should you receive the Mausoleum key from Ostrava you can return to 1-1 and open the door behind the Red Eye Knight to come and meet the Old King Doran. You may challenge him to a fight, if yo u manage to bring him down to 50% of his health he will disengage and offer you his sword, Demonbrandt. You may re-engage him and attempt to kill him to obtain his armor and ring. (Either challenge should be set aside for much later in the game as he is very difficult.)



Boletarian Palace (1-1)
  • A huge stone castle in the heart of the northern Kingdom of Boletaria 
  •  Hungry soldiers whose souls have been stolen by demons attack trespassers, and terrible dragons nest there.
Phalanx Archstone (1-2)
  • Archstone of the demon, Phalanx.
  • Past the huge Boletarian castle gates lies the Cliff Pathway, now a feeding ground for dragons, which leads to the inner ward, where the knights live. 
     The Phalanx

Tower Knight Archstone (1-3)

  • Archstone of the demon, Tower Knight.
  • Inside Boletaria's gates, where the streets intertwine, lies a trap set by the Fat Official, an embodiment of Old King Allant's madness.
    Tower Knight

Penetrator Archstone (1-4)

  • Archstone of the demon, Penetrator.
  •  The King's Tower, once a symbol of Boletaria, is now ridden with dragon claw marks, with only the Old King watching all from his broken throne.
     The Penetrator

False King Archstone (End)

  • Archstone of the demon, False King.
  •  Calmly watching all from the King's Tower, a demonic impostor stood as the Old King Allant.  The true King dwells with an ancient beast…
    False King

General tips

  •  Most of the enemies in this world are non-magic based and melee attackers, and some enemies with limited ranged abilities. Some of the soldiers may through firebombs at you, Hoplites have a good
    Miralda the Executioner
    amount of range with their spears, the Fat Officials can shoot fireballs at you. 
  • If you return to 1-1 with a Pure White World Tendency the gate at the bottom of the stairs on the left at the beginning of 1-1 will be open where you will fight off Miralda and receive her armor (for females only) and then you can climb down a cellar and collect a set of armor identical to Biorr's. Be very careful dieing will result in the disappearance of the armor. The pit next to the armor will kill you, it is recommended to go there with little equipment on you as the armor will weigh a lot.
  • Most of these enemies are weak against magic, having a fire type ability is highly recommended. If you have a Dragon weapon, weapon upgraded with Dragon stones, your weapon will do fire damage which may stagger the soldiers a bit and is effective against the Hoplites. It's an alternative to not having Turpentine. 
  • If you return to 1-1 with a white world tendency you may freely walk into the dragon's nest, that otherwise has the Red and Blue Dragon, and obtain the Purple Flame Shield a highly recommended shield as it will serve useful for the Stonefang Tunnel Archstone (2-x), and has a good starting Guard Break Reduction. Upgrading to 10 will have you with one of the best shields in the game.
  • When you save Biorr in 1-2, you may search further down a tunnel near his cell and find the Tower Shield. This shield is a smaller version of what the Tower Knight wields.
  • In 1-1 it is recommended you find the Cling and Thief Rings. The first is found at the bottom of the stairwell that is past the Blue Eyed Knight at the second fog gate, do not go through the fog gate keep going to the left of the gate to enter the tower of which holds the ring. You may also pull a lever that will create a short for you to get to the second fog gate faster. Once through the second fog gate you can climb up on a part of the wall and drop down to where Ostrava will be or was to find the Thief's ring.
  • In 1-4 you can kill a Rune Sword Phantom who will drop the same Rune Sword and Shield Ostrava wields.
  • 1-1 and 1-3 are very good places to go through to acquire good amounts of grass (healing item).
    Dregling Merchant
  • It is advised to bring a spear with you throughout the world due to a lot of the areas being narrow and making horizontal swings ineffective compared to the straight stabs Spears or Long Swords offer.
  • If you find yourself getting encumbered a recurring Dregling merchant can be found in 1-1 and 1-2 to sell you wares.
  • Hoplites are a good source for farming sharp and hard stones.


  • The Boletarian Palace features the most appearances of characters that become allies and return to the Nexus for safety.
     Yuria, the Witch
  • Each appearance is met with you being tasked in saving them. Ostrava, Biorr, and Yuria.
  • Boletaria has the most sub bosses of all the worlds. 

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