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An Absolute Treat 1

I honestly can't remember where I heard about this game for the first time. It may have been a quick look or a preview trailer somewhere resting somewhere on the internet. All I can remember is that even in pre-alpha stages of this game's creation, it always looked beautiful. The silhouetted figures on bright vibrant backgrounds gave the game's visuals a unique pop, different enough from other games coming from the Limbo boom which seem to do little else but copy their visual format. Outland rea...

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The melting pot 2

Outland is a cool game. It takes a lot neat ideas from a wide variety of sources, and mashes them all together in clever, interesting ways. It may not push any individual idea farther than it’s been before, but such a unique combination of mechanics is a refreshing treat, making Outland a blast to play.Outland is perhaps best described as an agglomeration of ideas: 2D platforming, pattern based combat, semi-open world exploration, and dual color “bullet hell” gameplay (think Ikaruga) are its mai...

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Ikaruga as a platformer works great 0

Outland is a game easy to describe using a combination of other games, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a unique and stylist platformer that is very easy to recommend to anyone with an Xbox 360 or PS3. Okay so let’s get it out of the way, the game takes the art style of Patapon, the exploration of Metroid, the color switching mechanics of Ikaruga and boss battles reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus. Though admittedly side scrolling platforms have had a long history of huge bosses tha...

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Review: Outland 0

Take Ikaruga’s two color switching madness and Metroidvania style platforming and put them in a blender. What will come out is Outland, Housemarque’s latest downloadable game for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Outland takes familiar elements seen in other games, and meshes them into a unique, challenging 2-D platformer that will surely please anybody looking for a great title on the downloadable front.Outland’s story is not the focal point of the game, and therefore is bare and simple...

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Video Review inside! 0


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Great Combination of Game Elements 0

Its got platforming, combat, color shift elements, jumping, timing, leveling up RPG lite elements, etc. The art is fantastic and the style of the whole world is original and intriguing. Its a deep side scrolling game with metroidvania elements and it plays very smooth. Great controls, etc. This is just a lot of game for a small price. Just check out the demo and I think you will get the idea.  It has a lengthy single player story and also does online co-op. Not too bad for a "small" title.  This...

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An absolute treat 0

I can't remember the last time I played a game that got me so hooked just by the share emotions it gave me. Outland is here, and it does just that. Its a psychadelic treat in all its glory. When sound and graphics work togheter to create something uniqe and pleasant on a higher level within me than just the physical realm.  Ok, Now you think that this guy is really something going on about psychadelic experiences and fair enough, how is the game to play? A treat, its a brease. The navigation thr...

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Always Be Switching Colors. 0

  Outland is a standard 2D platformer with a polarity-switching mechanic akin to classic shooter Ikaruga. Simply put, your main character can shift between two colors, blue and red, "light" and "dark" in game terms. Each enemy also has an associated color, and you can only defeat them with the opposite color. Most of the landscape is also populated with infinite bullet generators that spew endless barrages of colored bullets that will only damage your character when he is of the wrong c...

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A successful marriage of bullet-hell and platforming 0

Outland is more than a simple homage to Treasure's classic shoot-'em-up Ikaruga. A game that marries the fluidity of platforming with the madness of a bullet-hell shooter in spectacular fashion, Outland crafts a stylish, nail-bitingly challenging two-dimensional action side-scrolling game. A game where the simplest of jumping puzzles become extraneous death courses, bullets of red and blue hues flooding the screen in a dazzling, horrifying display. An exercise in skill and patience, as ...

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Well Worth The $10 0

For fans of old school 2D-side-scrolling action, this game more than satisfies. In many ways it reminded me a cross between Megaman and Ninja Gaiden with the acquire an ability from the defeated foe/wall jump craziness. Brad's review is dead-on. I would simply add that there a few parts of the game that rely heavily on pattern recognition. If you are the type of person that can still finish the NES Ninja Gaiden without blinking, then this game will most definitely make you smile. Aside from the ...

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