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Pain Overview

Pain is the recognised leader of Akatsuki and partner of Konan. He is also the leader of Amegakure, and is considered as a god. Pain is currently taking orders from Tobi/Madara who is the real leader of Akatsuki. Pain grew up an orphan in Amegakure going by the name Nagato, he was trained by Jiraiya. During there training Pain developed the Rinnegan, an eye technique said to be the most powerful of the eye technique. No other being has had the Rinnegan since the Sage of the six Paths.
Pain is sent to capture the nine tail fox with Konan by Madara but before he can set off he detects that somebody has infiltrated the village. He then sends Konan to go deal with the intruder who is no other than their former teacher Jiraiya. Konan fights with Jiraiya but begins to lose the fight, Pain then arrives and saves Konan. After an intense battle with three of Pains bodies, Jiraiya prepares to go home as he believes he had defeated Pain. But pain then re appears and attacks him cutting off his left arm. Jiraiya then saw the Six paths of Pain as they all attacked. Jiraiya managed to kill one of the bodies only to be impaled by all five. Killing him.
Pain has an exceptional technique, his mind and will controls 6 bodies as one entity, this technique is called the 6 paths of pain. each path posses a different name and different techniques.
Pain then reveals a new body which replaces the one he lost and sets of to Konoha.

When they arrive the animal Path body enters through the barrier  first to confuse the villagers on their numbers, she then summons the other bodies into the village. The Asura Path body then uses his Flaming Arrow of Amazing Ability to destroy the surrounding buildings. Elsewhere the Deva path then tries to interrogate Iruka to find the location of naruto but upon refusal he tries to kill him only to be attacked by Kakashi. Pain and Kakashi then fight but kakashi is easily defeated even with the help of Choji and his dad. Choza is apparently killed in the fight protecting choji and Kakashi is wounded. The Asura Path is damaged in the fight but appears again as Choji tries to escape and tries to kill him, Kakashi uses his Kamui ability to teleport the projectiles and then loses conciousness and possibily dies.

The Preta Path enters the Autopsy room where the old animal path is and removes its piercings, He is then ambushed by Kiba and Tsume, however the Preta path uses the old animal path as a shield and escapes.

The Deva Path then finds Tsunade and demands where Naruto is. The Naraka Path then fights with Konohamaru but is seemingly defeated by a Rassengan. Human Path ambushes Ino, Inoichi and Shizune and takes Shizune hostage. After reading her mind and finding out  where naruto is he pulls out her soul killing her, and relays the information to deva path.

As all the bodies leave Deva path uses a jutsu which shortens his life expectancy to destroy the whole of Konoha.

After this happens a white smoke  appears and Naruto emurges alongside FukasakuGamakichiGamabuntaGamaken, and Gamahiro

Meanwhile, in the forest outside of Konoha, Naraka Path restores the Asura Path, who then projects the Animal Path back to the ruins of Konoha, where he summoned the other four bodies together. When Tsunade, whoom has used up all of her chakra protecting the villagers, challenges him, she is then attacked by the Asura Path who trys to kill her but fails as Naruto destroys the body with a rasengan.

Animal Path then attacks naruto with three summons but Naruto throws them into the air and allows the frogs to kill them. The Preta path then attacks naruto, naruto punches him and misses but the natural energy around his fist still incapacitated the body.

Naruto then destroys the Human path with a Wind Release: Rasenshurikan and with the help of Gamabunta defeats the Animal Path.

Six paths of pain
Six paths of pain

  • Deva Path

    Deva path
    Deva path
    The main body that pain uses
    Was once an auburn haired man  is  Yahiko
    Nagato's friend .
    He was once spiteful and wanted to become a god and make the world suffer as much as he has, but was swayed by Jiraiya's teachings of peace.
    Power: Has gravitational-like control, this allows the Deva Realm to push things away and attract them. It has also shown limited flight and to extend it's gravitational power outside of it's body to attract mass. However normal uses of it's ability forces it to recharge for 5 seconds between use, adding more power takes him longer to recharge.  . Justsu Techniques -  Fierce raining at will, five seals barrier, illusionary dragon nine consuming seals, magic lantern body technique, mirrored sudden attacker, shape shifting technique, shinra tensai and water release: violent water wave

  • Asura Path

 Was once a puppet master, hinting that he was from the Sand village. He fought in the 2nd ninja world war to make money.
  • Jutsu Technique - flaming arrow of amazing ability, flaming arrow missiles and laser explosions.
Asura path
Asura path

  • Animal Path

  •  The first Animal realm was a green haired ninja from the Fuuma clan and was quite ruthless. The second was a dead girl that was brought to Nagato, nothing is known about her.
    New Animal path
    New Animal path
  • Jutsu Technique - violent bubble wave,
  •  Original Animal Path
     Original Animal Path
  • amplification summoning technique and panda iron wall - Summoning techniques - bird, centipede, chameleon, crustacean, nine headed canines, other pain bodies, panda, yak and rhino

 Human path
 Human path

  • Human path

 Was once a Ninja Academy teacher from the Waterfall village. He was a peaceful man with blue hair and was very quick.
  • Power: This body specialized in reading peoples' minds by grabbing their heads and can kill them in the process. It also appears to be the fastest and one of the strongest.

Preta path
Preta path

  • Preta Path

 Was once a Grass village ninja that fought in the 2nd ninja world war, he was unable to farm his land because of the war. He had brown hair and a short temper.
  • Jutsu Technique - sealing technique absorption seal

Nakara path
Nakara path

  • Naraka Path

  •  Was once an aging religious man with dark gray hair that preached to onlookers. Jutsu Technique - king of hell

  • Rinnegan eye technique

Pains power stems from this powerful technique, the only other person known to posses this eye technique is the first shinobi ever, sage of the six paths. Rinnegan allows Pain to use all six forms of nature manipulation

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