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Konan is Pain's partner in Akatsuki, and the only female member.
Konan when she was a child
Konan grew up with Yahiko and Nagato as orphans, she was also trained by Jiraiya in ninjutsu following Jiraiya witness pain kill a shinobi using his rinnegan after which he decided to teach Konan and Pain ninjutsu. Konan is seen as a very mysterious and stoic character, and can as calm and level headed as Pain, Konan will show mercy and sadness unlike the rest of Akatsuki which are all seen as cold and heartless. Konan has a very unique relationship with Pain,  as she treats him with the utmost respect, and that respect and care is always returned. She is the only person who seems to know about Pain's real body, and is the only person to have referred to him as Nagato.

Konan posses techniques that allows her to control paper and create paper thousands of sheets of paper with her ninjutsu she can also transform or add to her body, like wings for example.
Konan and her paper wing Jutsu
She can also wrap her opponents in sheets of paper trapping them and restricting them from using any ninjutsu techniques. This technique can be weaken if for example a liquid is applied to the paper also Shino's bugs seemed to be affective against the paper.

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