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Sasori is a member of Akatsuki and partner to Deidara, he was once the partner of Orochimaru. Sasori is a modified human/puppet, he has transformed himself through hidden jutsu techniques. Sasori had a rough childhood his parents were killed on a mission by the White Fang, Kakashi's dad. After the death of his parents Sasori attempted to bring a fill for this void by creating puppets of his parents. Sasori left the sand village at a young age and with him took the lives of two kazekage.

Sasori first appearance in the series is as a crawling scorpion like puppet, after this puppet is destroyed we see the real Sasori, who hasnt aged a day since he left the sand village. We know this because this is what his grandmother said. Sasori is eventually defeated buy Sakura and his grandmother, after defeat he tells them both about a spy he has working for Orochimaru and where to meet up with this spy.

Sasori has a number of techniques and puppets, the first seen is his HIruko puppet Armour. Other techniques are the Kazekage puppet which he fuses with a sand technique jutsu, Sasoris most powerful technique is the Red secret technique: performance of a thousand puppets. This is were Sasori can control up to one thousand puppets, he controls the puppets not with his hands but with a different technique. Sasori will open the compartment on his right side where strings of chakra based control string will be realed and start to control the puppets.
Sasori, final form puppet self.

Kazekage puppet.

Hiruko puppet armour

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