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Panzerfaust was created by Anti-Skullgirls Lab 3, and the greatest success of their super soldier program. He fought in the Grand War, but now serves under Parasoul as a member of the Black Egrets.

When Panzerfaust was revealed as one of 32 possible new DLC characters that fans could vote on to have 2 enter the game, Lab Zero described his character as "sometimes reckless and foolhardy, he dives into battle and pushes the mechanisms of his body far beyond its alleged limits." It is unclear if this is a hint at how he might function as a playable character. They did, however, mention that he would play similarly to Hulk or Juggernaut from the Versus series of Capcom games, and that he would have "super armor" similar to those characters.

Panzerfaust made it all the way into the third round of fan voting, but that was as far as his fans could take him. The final round featured all female characters.

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