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PARSEC47 was released for Windows, and as it is open-source it has been compiled for Mac and Linux as well.


PARSEC47 is a top-down bullet-hell shooter. The player progresses through parsecs (levels) while collecting treasures dropped by defeated enemies to get a high-score. There are four difficulty settings, and two gameplay modes (all options have separate high-scores). The gameplay mode determines the alternate fire mode of the player's ship. In “roll” it is a charge shot that surrounds the ship, collecting treasures. It will not damage enemies until it is fired. In “lock” mode the alternate fire is a lock on laser that helps to destroy enemies. Both alt-fire modes slow the ship's movement, aiding the player's ability to dodge shots.

The enemy fire patterns are completely random, but scale to the difficulty setting. There is a mini-boss every 5 parsecs and a boss every ten. Both types of enemy have multiple targets and complex fire patterns, an idea Cho more fully explored in rRootage. After defeating a boss, the player can start from that point when beginning a new session, but she won't get the points from the previous levels.


Creator of the game Everyday Shooter, Jonathan Mak, has cited Parsec 47 as the inspiration behind his game's aesthetic.

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