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Parvati's original SMT design

When Sati immolated herself she was reborn as Parvati, Shiva's first consort. When Shiva professed disgust at her dark complexion Brahma changed her into Gauri, "The Yellow Devi". Though some sources say it was Gauri who immolated herself and was then reborn as Sati.

She once veiled Shiva's eyes, plunging the world into a state of darkness. It was then that Shiva developed the legendary Third eye on his forehead. One story tells of how Shiva banished her to earth, where she took the form of a fisherman's daughter. He then sent Nandu, taken the form of a shark, to tear apart the fisherman's net. Parvati's foster-father offered her as a wife to any man who might slay the menacing shark. And so Shiva took on the form of a young man, captured the shark, and took Parvati as his wife once more.

One day when Parvati was bathing she ordered Ganesha to guard the bath's entrance so that no one could look upon her naked form. When Shiva was refused entrance by the boy he lopped his head off, but Parvati then took the head of an elephant and placed it on his neck.

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