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Luther conversing with Pious Augustus in the disguise of a custodian

Paul Luther is one of the playable characters in Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. He is a monk who in1485 A.D. sought shelter from the Inquisition in France at Oublie Cathedral, which is said to house the sacred hand of St. Jude. Mere minutes after his arrival, however, Paul is horrified when he find the ravaged body of a dead monk within the church.

Paul calls for the guards and the church's custodian, Philippe enters, trailed by two monks. Paul explains to them what happened but Philippe (who is in fact Pious Augustus in disguise) accuses Paul of the murder. Frightened and confused, Paul is taken prisoner by the two monks and locked in a room. Later, another custodian enters to secretly free Paul, claiming that he does not want to see another innocent die. He reveals that the body that Paul found was a man named Brother Andrew who had been killed to hide the church's secrets.

Paul Luther's Inquisition

Paul searches the church for remnants of Brother Andrew's diary and finds that the hand of St. Jude is a lie fabricated so that nameless pilgrims would come to the church and be used as sacrifices for a creature known as the Black Guardian. Unsure that he would be able to make it to a member of the inquisition before the cult of this church hunts him down, Paul decides to expose this heresy himself.

The rotted husk of Anthony.

During his investigation of the church, Paul discovers the rotted husk of Anthony, the former paige to Charlemagne whom had been bewitched by a spell that caused his body to slowly rot, turning him into a member of the undead. Anthony, barely human and driven insane over a thousand years of suffering and under the control of Pious Augustus, tries to kill Luther but is defeated and finally laid to rest after all those years. Paul discovers a key on Anthony's remains that opens the way to a series of catacombs below the church.

Luther's End

Making his way through the underground chambers of the church, Paul finds the body of the monk that had freed him. Most of the monk's organs had been removed. Continuing on, he finds a large chamber where he finds Pious Augustus, no longer in the form of Custodian Philippe.

Before Paul can act, he is confronted by the Black Guardian, a large demonic creature summoned by Pious to guard over the ancient essence that he kept safe under the church. The Guardian asks Pious if Paul is the one that seeks to do battle with It. Pious denies this and tells the Guardian to leave Paul to him. However, the Guardian ignores this directive and, depending on the form the Black Guardian takes, either crushes Paul into a pulp or strikes his head with a bolt of pure insanity, causing it to explode. No matter the path taken, Paul never stands a chance against the Guardian and is killed instantaneously.

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