Best point and click adventure pc games??

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Definitely The Longest Journey

Also I don't see nearly enough recommendations for Day of the Tentacle as well as Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis and Loom. Furthermore, does The Cave count? And what about Walking Dead?

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@beachthunder: I am open to suggestions =)

The last adventure games I've played are Machinarium (pretty cool), Gray Matter (didn't work out), Walking Dead (cool), Jurassic Park (average), The Cave (okayish) and I have purchased but yet to play Gemini Rue.

It might be that I am an old timer, but I still prefer older adventure games. Those were the times....!

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There are so many great games in this thread.

However, I believe that the best point and click adventure game series is Quest for Glory. It's basically like someone got their RPG Peanut Butter in a Sierra Adventure Game Chocolate.

It's so good. The entire series. So good.

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I didn't see this one while skimming posts: Full Throttle, one of my personal favorites.

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@landmine: It got mentioned a few times. It's one of my favourites as well.


I really enjoyed the Blackwell Bundle from Watjet Eye. I got it in a Wadjet Eye bundle without knowing anything about but I ended up interesting me more than Genimi Rue and Resonance which I bought the bundle for. I'll admit the games took a little while for me to warm up to them though and it's the second game in the Blackwell series that hooked me.

Another point and click I enjoyed recently was Gray Matter. It reminds me a lot of older style point and clicks which makes sense since the games have Jayne Jensen in common with the Gabriel Knight series. I hated the cutscene art style and I know a bunch of other people that do too so don't let that first impression sour you to a great game.

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Haven't seen this one while skimming...

The Dig.

Brilliant sci-fi point/click game.

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