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This peasant woman's brother, Joshua, is very sick. She has left their home in the slums of East Freeport in an attempt to fetch water to cool his fever. Unfortunately, she is quite ill as well, and has lost the strength required to carry the bucket all the way back.

If their are any good paladins left in this corrupt portion of Freeport, they would be wise to help her. The water will save Joshua, but his sister will die regardless. Her sacrifice will not go unnoticed by Erollisi Marr, which will result in the water being blessed. After saving her younger brother, this blessed water can be used to cleanse a tainted sword that is integral to the completion of the quest for the paladin epic weapon known as the Fiery Defender.




  • Knights of Truth
  • Priests of Marr

Opposing Factions

  • The Freeport Militia

Related Quests

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