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Seen in Metroid Prime 3:  Corruption, the PED Suit is a variation of Samus's standard power suit with the addition of a Phazon Enhancement Device.  After Samus is infected with Phazon by Dark Samus, Galactic Federation scientists discover that Samus's body is producing Phazon, and design the PED as a means to channel the Phazon into energy, allowing Samus to enter Hyper Mode for a brief time.  The suit would then automatically vent out excess Phazon before reaching a critical level.  Samus's fellow bounty hunters, Rundas, Gandrayda, and Ghor were also equipped with PEDs.

However, the PED system contained a dangerous flaw.  Should the Phazon ventilation system stop working, the Phazon built up through the use of Hyper Mode would not be expelled, and if a critical level of Phazon were to build in the wearer's system, they would become corrupted by Phazon.  Early on, after Samus's Phazon venting system breaks, she learns to expel the excess energy through her arm cannon.  The other bounty hunters, however, are not so fortunate, and each of them succumb to Phazon Madness, becoming servants of Dark Samus.

In the event that the player is unable to expel the excess Phazon fast enough to prevent Samus's Hyper Mode gauge from becoming critical, she too will become corrupted in an alternate Game Over sequence, and the Phazon infesting her body will cause her to transform into Dark Samus.

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