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Short, but just the beginning...

My first impression of this game was "Wow, this is kinda neat, but chances are I probably won't finish it".

But, I gave it a chance. And pressing on past the first 20 minutes, I was pleasently suprised by the simplicity of the battle system. The battle system is an active, and allows for blocking attacks from enemies. Actions form players are 3 tiered.

  1. Items - Become avalible first, and lest the charactor use any items in the inventory
  2. Attack - basic attack
  3. Special Attack - Requires naling a minigame that is diffrent per charactor.

The items in the game are purely for battle. It's really refreshing to not have to play the item rat race. No armor, no weapons, no jewlrey, just upgrading your weapon with parts found from robots with a nasty habbit.

I was able to play for 30 minutes to an hour each sitting and ended up finishing it. There was always a sense of progression, and never felt like I quit too soon. It's a great RPG to play if you don't have the time to invest in a classic Jap-RPG. The best part is, if you long for more, there are 3 more episodes planned so that you can continue the story from your last saved game!

I highly reccomend it!

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