cloud_zehro's Penny Arcade: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness - Episode One (PlayStation Network (PS3)) review

Comic-Goodness In Turn-Based Action.

  Graphic - 7.5/10
Sound - 9.0/10
GamePlay - 8.5/10
Story Telling - 8.5/10
Customization - 7.5/10

The game has a very wacky comic book appeal to it, I will admit that i've seen flash games on user made sites that have better graphics, but this technically wasn't enough to turn me away from it.

The games whole angle is to make you feel like you're living in a comic book world, with big robots and crazy clown/mime people who want to seemingly take over your world, or house as the case may be.

If you're in for a cartoon experience, none of this should bother you as it's pretty much what you're paying for in this experience, If you're wanting something a bit more realistic looking in terms of depth to detail? I'd say keep looking.

The sound is very comical and I for one enjoyed it very much, there's pretty much no voice acting except for what you'd hear during battle when they're making grunts, again this game strives on the ridiculous and comical side and it's pretty much safe to say that everything you hear in this game will be unrealistic.  

Which is absolutely fine since it completes the heavy experience, this is one of the few games that doesn't rely on good sound effects to immerse it's player, so if you're someone who is an audio snob? Best to stay away.

But overall, for it being a game that you don't really have to take seriously and most likely won't? This is nothing game breaking and if anything, you'll just ignore it.

Game Play:
The game is severely linear, there is only a few levels of choice in this one and they aren't exactly huge! But it's still a hilariously good time, you're basically getting to play out that one story we've only seen on movies, you're a hunter in the super natural and it's in fact a corporation!

The RPG element is very dull and pretty much nowhere near the focus of this game, so if you're wanting something a bit more 'Final Fantasy' style, I'd advise you just go and purchase one of the Final Fantasy games from the PSN shop.  

The only RPG element I've had so far was the fact my guy would level up after battles, I could also upgrade my weapons after collecting so many robot parts.  

The combat style takes a bit getting used, since most new players won't make use of the block button, the robots are sure to make quick work of you with their high hit counters, It's also turn based and everything works on a recharging system, meaning everything you do is divided up between your partners with their own recharge time consisting of..  

Item, Attack, Super Attack.. All of which have their own advantages in different unique situations, so it will come down to strategy at times and it will require that you try and beat the NPC to the punch, but I implore you to make use of that block button you've been graciously given. You can easily turn a 56 hit count into something much mediocre, for example a 3, 8, counter attack with the effect back on them.

You also have the ability to use a stray secondary partner, opposed to your actual team of three, these guys do very minimal damage and I haven't had to use the niece support, so I don't know if she damages/boosts your characters/enemies in any way.  

On the down side, the game doesn't have an extreme amount of depth on anything and for all the hype that's been backing this game, even so far as to name a convention after it? It seems kind of silly when the game could've easily been a free flash game, but we all get what we pay for and it's thrilling none the less.

Story Telling:
This section won't be really long, due to anything I may have to say about the game will lead into a spoiler. But the game does extremely well in throwing a ridiculous plot line at you and making you want to play hunter/detective when it comes to the mystery behind the events unfolding here.

Again, this game is a Comical relief and shouldn't be taken seriously, If you're just now getting off work and you sit down to your PS3 and it's just been an overall crappy day? Go ahead and pop this game on, It'll give you some crude laughs and it'll temporarily distract you from that crappy day.

For a game that calls itself an RPG, the only customization that I've ran into as of late, has been the very start where you actually mold your character into what he'll look like for the rest of the game.  

The options have bare minimal choices and the only real feeling of you being unique is the fact that you can twist the colors around to your needs, so you are bound meet at least a couple dozen people like yourself if you ever go to PAX conventions.

Overall Value:
If you want a comical relief? Buy this game for some short laughs, It's kind of cheap and you'll get a couple hours of play out of it, It is what it is and we still pay money to play it.

If you want a serious RPG, this game is not for you and you'll feel a deep depth of regret if you still give it a try. 


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