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First seen in Syndicate, this device renders any civilian into a friendly follower. These followers will pick up weapons, and protect your Agents if a fire fight erupts.

In Syndicate Wars it's only possible to "persuade" law enforcement and enemy Agents once you have amassed a large group of civilian followers, whose minds somehow amplify the power of the device.

In Syndicate and Syndicate Wars, any persuaded Agents who survive the mission will be brainwashed into working for you for later use.

The Persuadatron did not see a return in the 2012 re-imagining of Syndicate, though it is mentioned, and it is the inspiration for the "Persuade" ability of the DART chip implanted in protagonist Miles Kilo's head. Persuade causes a single enemy combatant to suddenly switch loyalties to Kilo, firing at your other enemies, and ultimately committing suicide if he has survived until the persuasion ends.

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