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 A mince pie, a traditional Christmas food.
A pie is a versatile pastry that can fill the roles of meals as well as sweets. At its base, a pie is just a shell of dough; its uniqueness as a dish comes from its variations in fillings and flavoring techniques. For example, a pie shelling could have a basic base and top, but a simple switch in the filling would drastically change its taste from a pecan pie, a meat pie, or a dessert pie. It is important to note that along with the variations in taste, pies also come in various sizes. The pie is a well-rounded workhorse food product.

Pies filled exclusively with whipped cream or custard are almost always thrown at people's faces as a prank meant to cause discomfort and humiliation.

Pies in Video Games

Pies have appeared in many video games as items that restore health, although they have appeared in other capacities as well. In games such as Food Fight and Toontown Online custard pies are a commonly used weapon, in Fable III one of the mini-games the player can participate in for money is pie-making, and in one round of Buzz! Quiz World players who answer questions correctly can throw custard pies into the faces of other players. The indie platform game The Misadventures of P.B. WInterbottom largely involves pies. Players take control of P.B. Winterbottom, a notorious pie thief who is one day tricked by a sentient pie and ends up travelling through time collecting pies and searching for the pastry that tricked him.

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