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NOTE: Some cheats will require the use of a second controller.


  • Invincibility - Press and hold L on the second controller.
          (will last as long as L is held down)
  • Flying - Press and hold B on the second controller.
          (use d-pad to fly around)
  • Skip Level - Hold start and then select.
          (this will not work on the one before last level)


To go into cheat mode you must hold A and C on the first controller and B on the second controller just when the Sega Genesis is first turning on .
     (A sound will occur if done correctly )
  • Invincibility - Press start followed by B to turn on invincibility.
  • Health Refill - Press start followed by A to refill your characters health.
  • Select Level - Press start followed by C to select a level.

Critical Reception

When the Genesis version was released Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the review scores of 7,7,7 and 7 out of ten.  Danyon Carpenter wrote, "I was surprised by how good this game actually was.  Although the character may not be the most modern around, Pink Panther still offers fans of side-scrolling action games some new surprises and a lot of technique.  The idea of having movie sets for stages was cool and the music that goes with it is fitting.  I would like to have seen more power-ups available, but as it stands, the game is decent". 
In the same issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly Mike Weigand reviewed the SNES version of the game giving it a 6 out of ten.  He wrote, "The cool pink cat makes it to the home systems!  However, you may be better off with the Genesis version of this one, because the SNES counterpart suffers from stiff control and unappealing levels".  
Curiously, as a part of the "Major Mike's Game Roundup" the review crew gave additional scores to the scores they had already given the Genesis version.  Those scores are, 7,7,5 and 6 out of ten.

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