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Released in arcades in 1999 and on the Dreamcast in 2000 , Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein (Star Gladiator 2: Nightmare of Bilstein in Japan) is a 3D weapon based fighting game. It runs on the ZN-2 hardware.


Plasma  Sword takes place one year after the events of the original game. The Fourth Empire has been destroyed, and Bilstein is dead; but there are rumors floating around that Bilstein's ghost is haunting the Planet Zeta and rebuilding the Fourth Empire.


The game uses four buttons, veritcal strike,horizontal strike,side-step,kick, and other technique can be use by performing combination of those four buttons.
  • Plasma Revenge: Plasma Revenge is similar to the Alpha counter from Street Fighter Alpha 2. With use of the special meter, the player can perform the Plasma Revenge. It's were the player can unleash a dome around his or her character and when the player's opponent attacks the dome, the player's character will parry the attack and strike.
  • Plasma Reflect: Plasma Reflect is like the Plasma Revenge but with a different result. The player's character can unleash a dome around the character and when the opponent strikes, the opponent gets stun for a moment leaving him open for attack.
  • Pursuit Attack: While the player's opponent is falling, the player can attack his or her opponent up in the air. It's perform by pressing up and one of the attack buttons at the same time.
  • Plasma Strike: In other words, Super Combo, it's perform by a quarter circle from the joystick or D-pad and pressing both attacks buttons simultaneously.
  • Safe Fall: It's a recovery fall done if the player character is knock out in the air. It's perform by pressing any button.
  • The Plasma Field.
    Plasma Field: One of the most noticeable features of the game. The Plasma Field is performed by pressing two attack button simultaneously; the player's character can unleash out a huge dome and when the opponent gets caught, both the player's character & the opponent get sent into the Plasma Field. In the Plasma Field, the character who activated it granted an enhanced version of their weapon for a limited time .


  • Hayato: The Bounty Hunter who killed Bilstein in the last game. Hayato finds out that June--his love interest--went missing in the Planet Zeta and heads to  the Planet to find her.
  • B.Hayato: During the fight against Hayato, Bilstein implanted a "genotype into Hayato and transformed him into Black Hayato.
  • June: She is a skilled gymnast who fights with the Plasma Rings. She finds out that Bilstein--that man whom killed her father--is still alive and she heads to the Planet Zeta to destroy him.
  • Ele: Ele traveled from the future to the past to kill Ghost Bilstein because in her time; Bilstein's ghost attacked her home.
  • Saturn Dyer: His planet is in danger because of the Fourth Empire, so he is looking for Bilstein to destroy him. He is also a street performer.
  • Prince: The Prince of the Planet Saturn, he becomes jealous of Saturn because Saturn is getting more attention from the people of Saturn. Prince joins up with Bilstein to fight Saturn.
  • Gamof Gohgry: He is the leader of his people of the forest Planet De Rosa. He fights using two axe.
  • Gantetsu: A solider who is also a heavy drinker. Because of his war crimes, he goes looking for Gerelt.
  • Franco Gerelt: He is force to join the Fourth Empire after Bilstein implanted a bomb into him. He committed so many crimes because of Bilstein. When he was defeated, Gerelt couldn't go back home to his family.
  • Claire: She is loyal friend of Gerelt, and works under him. Even when Gerelt joins the Foruth Empire she stood along her master side.
  • The character select screen.
    Omega: A prototype of Vector, it was also dub a failure by Bilstein for having too many feelings. Omega soon finds out it's implanted with a human heart.
  • Vector: A ultimate killing machine created by Bilstein.
  • Zelkin Fiskekrogen: An avian humaniod who fights with power and honor. After fighting Hayato, he realised that humans are no different from his kind.
  • Eagle: A joke character who also use to work at a amusement park. He goes around posing as Zelkin.
  • Gore Gajah: A sorcerer who fights using Plasma magic.
  • Luca: She is an artifical girl created by Gore. She was also created to be Gore's wife.
  • Blood: The warrior who was under a spell cast by Bilstein; the spell finally wears off and gains his freedom.
  • Shaker: A clone of Blood, who also has a levitating arm. He is also a mad man.
  • Ghost Bilstein: The last remains of Bilstein.
  • Edward Bilstein: The leader of the Fourth Empire lives once again. He was able to transcend his spirit to another host.
  • Rain: Bilstein's daughter, she a scythe and also has the power of ice.
  • Kaede: An ninjutsu expert who also wields a huge hammer.
  • Byakko: An assassin who fights with dual plasma claws.
  • Rai-on: A member of  "The Four Saint Beasts", he is on the same mission as Byakko.

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