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Street Fighter veteran Ryu faces off with newcomer Darun.

Street Fighter EX uses a fighting system similar to both the Street Fighter II and Street Fighter Alpha series. Despite having 3D, polygonal graphics, EX plays like a 2D game, using super moves and special moves identical or similar to previous Street Fighter games. Like Street Fighter Alpha series, the fighters power up their super combo bar throughout the fight, being able to unleash up to three super attacks.

However, there are a few differences between the EX series and other Street Fighters. Characters can link their super combos together - this is called a "Super Cancel" - allowing them to perform a very long, high damaging combination attack. Additionally, each character has a slow Guard Break attack. If it connects with a guarding opponent, it will break through their guard and dizzy them for a short period of time .

Character Selection

Many of the Street Fighter series' signature characters appear in Street Fighter EX, but there are also a lot of new characters made specifically for this game. Though the new characters' moves do have some similarity to existing characters, they do employ a surprising variety of unique attacks. The arcade version of EX was updated to "EX Plus," which contained more characters. In the Playstation release of Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha, Dhalsim and Sakura were added to the existing rosters from EX and EX Plus.

Returning characters

New characters

EX Plus Additions

  • Bloody Hokuto
  • Cycloid-Beta
  • Cycloid-Gamma
  • Evil Ryu

PlayStation-exclusive characters

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