What PSP games should I check out?

#1 Posted by EpicSteve (6910 posts) -

I'm getting a Vita. I missed out on the PSP completly. What games are worth going back to, if any?

#2 Posted by Video_Game_King (36567 posts) -

I've heard that Tactics Ogre is pretty awesome.

#3 Posted by Hot_Karl (3321 posts) -

All of 'em!

Oh wait, not all of the games will be downloadable from the PSN. In all honesty, you really can't go wrong with just about any of the Final Fantasy releases on the PSP (except for the bare bones FF 1 & 2 ports). Dissidia, Crisis Core, Tactics, FFIV are all worth looking at.

Lumines is a must (the first game! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.), Patapon is great (but I prefer Patapon 2), the What Did I Do to Deserve This games are weird but neat to play, Silent Hill Origins is solid, Gran Turismo PSP, Crush (if it's on PSN- not sure if it is or not). I hear good things about Jeanne D'Arc & Valkyria Chronicles.

That's kinda it off the top of my head.

#4 Posted by hughesman (314 posts) -

Yeah, i was going to say tactics ogre as well. What kinda games you lookin for? Z.H.P, Jeanne D'Arc, Final Fantasy Tactics war of the lions, FFIV The complete Collection. Those are the ones i plan on picking up.

#5 Posted by MikeGosot (3235 posts) -
WORK TIME FUN! Also, Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble if you enjoy beat'em ups.
#6 Posted by august (3899 posts) -

I've started Cladun and it seems pretty awesome.

#7 Posted by Contrarian (1206 posts) -

From my personal collection, I would say Jeanne D'Arc is a fantastic game, possibly the best on it. Also:

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Phantasy Star Portable

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Tales of Eternia

Valkyria Chronicles II

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

I intend to add more to my own collection and of those I would suggest include: Any Persona game, the other major Final Fantasy games (Dissidia x 2 & IV Complete), Harvest Moon (if it is your thing), Breath of Fire 3, any Ys. I think you can guess my theme, as I only care about SRPG/JRPG on the PSP.

#8 Posted by Marino (5246 posts) -

@EpicSteve: Do you have a PS3? If so, that opens up more options of what PSP games will work.

#9 Posted by believer258 (12615 posts) -

Daxter, the two God of War games, and apparently this Tactics Ogre thing is supposed to be all right, what with it being a cult classic and all. Oh, and Final Fantasy IV if you're into that sort of thing.

#10 Posted by Marino (5246 posts) -

@EpicSteve: Nevermind. Forgot you were playing Twisted Metal. So, yeah...definitely watch that video.

#11 Posted by Ninja_Welshman (520 posts) -

Great to see all the love for FF Tactics. Excellent game!!

#12 Posted by Enigma777 (6224 posts) -

God of War, Peace Walker, Patapon, Killzone.

#13 Posted by DarthOrange (4089 posts) -

Pursuit Force 1 & 2

#14 Posted by pantzing_nome (601 posts) -

I enjoyed playing the Gta games, Episodes from Liberty City and Vice City Stories.

#15 Posted by Juicebox (495 posts) -

MG:Peace walker

#16 Posted by Hizang (9360 posts) -

MGS Portable Ops and the two Metal Gear Ac!d games, all of them underrated.

#17 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -

Tactics Ogre has a great story (until the very end) thats well worth trudging through the dated SRPG gameplay for (which I was totally fine with until I got to the Palace of the Dead)

#18 Edited by AndrewB (7782 posts) -

At this point, I'd recommend Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre over what I've played of Jeanne D'Arc. I hear the story in the latter is good, and I haven't played enough to confirm or deny that, but there's some nitpicky things in the mechanics that make me yearn for a slightly less difficult Final Fantasy Tactics over this.

Also, there's Peace Walker. Just beware that the controls are abysmal, and from what I hear the second analog stick on the Vita won't translate properly to fix that glaring flaw.

The Patapon and Loco Roco games are wonderful, but you might want to wait until they come out Vita versions of those, specifically Loco Roco, to take advantage of touch and tilt.

If it appealed to you but you never played it on the PS3, then there's always LittleBigPlanet.

And I'd say Lumines, but I think the Bombcast or one of the Vita videos mentioned that Lumines the First isn't out on PSN (because they want you to buy the new one), so you're "stuck" buying the new one.

#19 Posted by zudthespud (3326 posts) -

Monster Hunter is pretty good, if you can get into it.

#20 Posted by shootermcclay (229 posts) -

@EpicSteve: already made a comprehensive list of PSP games worth playing though it hasn't been updated. All of the games on that list can be loaded onto a Vita if you have a PS3.

#21 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

I really enjoyed the burnout games on PSP and also metal gear solid: peace walker but you can get both of these experiences on the bigger consoles, try Valkyria chronicles if you can, it was great.

Sid Meiers Pirates is good for journeys

#22 Posted by Marino (5246 posts) -

I'm gonna be a dick and say I.Q. Mania, which is a Japanese import. If I had a way to get that onto my Vita, I'd hardly play anything else.


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