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Originally released in Japan as Beit Hell 2000, WTF: Work Time Fun (an acronym better known as "what the fuck") is a compilation of minigames akin to Warioware or Bishi Bashi Special. loosely held together by a horror theme wherein you work in a temp agency in Hell, performing menial tasks for a paycheck almost on a par with that of a third- world textile worker, in order to purchase more jobs, tools and trinkets from Gashapon aka Capsule Toy Machines of varying prices. Duplicate items from the machines can hamper your progress, though this can be avoided by switching off auto-save and rebooting if funds are low.

Depending on your performance, you will receive award notices via email, strange emails from other employees, and even spam which may decrease your funds. Certain emails are received according to special circumstances (hint: play the game on your birthday) and some minigames will also vary depending on the time of day or date. Though there is no underlying story, the humor is more universal than similar games such as Hot PXL and Napoleon Dynamite giving WTF a certain level of charm.

Minigames list

Starting Jobs

Baseball Superstars

Pitch and catch the ball. Game ends when you miss 3 catches.

Mushroom Xing (Mushroom Crossing)

A clone of the video game Frogger, you avoid the cars and collect mushrooms for bonus points. Game ends after 3 lives


Place the tops on the pens correctly for as long as you can stand. Penalty for placing tops wrong. Game ends manually.

Traffic Counter

Count the correct characters with a clicker as they scramble across the screen, Game ends if the player miss counts on any stage.

Jobs from $1 Machine

3 Count

Kick out of the opponent wrestler's pin as close to 3 seconds as possible. Bonus for 2.22, 2.77 or 2.99 seconds.

Animal Investigation Corps

A test of mental arithmetic, listen and add up the correct totals for each animal.

Bishops Game/Four Fingers

Mumblety-peg. Stab the desk without stabbing the hand (as seen in the James Cameron movie Aliens, hence the name.)

Chick Sorting

Sex the chicks and send dead chicks bearing a halo to heaven. Bonus for rare chicks. Penalty for sending live chicks to heaven. Game ends manually or after 10 minutes.

Cliff Race 2000

Race along in a car and when the braking zone randomly appears, stop as close to the cliff edge as possible. Bonus for winning all 3 races.


A clone of the electronic game Simon Says, with four creatures corresponding to the PSP face buttons, as the string of burps get more complicated, the screen increasingly soiled with saliva dripping down. Game ends if you input a wrong sequence or hesitate.


Chop the logs without murdering the cute animals, later stages have animal shaped logs. Game ends when you miss a log or kill an animal.

Lumberjack Challenge

See Multiplayer Jobs.

Jobs from $5 Machine

Cliff Race 2000 Vs.

See Multiplayer Jobs.

Elf King

Ride your horse and reach the Elf King to save your son from the demons.

Hell Pottery

Keep the kiln at the optimal temperature for firing the pottery via different fuels. Bonus each time you consecutively use 3 decoration objects.

Karate Superstar

Strike the items that fly at your character (similar to Feeble in Yie Ar Kung Fu.) Game ends if an object hits you.

Mad Dribblin'

Bounce the ball off different parts of your body to keep it from hitting the floor. Bonus for fancy moves.

Private Number

A clone of the board game Mastermind though each digit occurs only once. Work out the 4 digit's of a woman's phone number via logic depending on which numbers you guessed right and whether they were in the right order. Game ends after 10 tries or a correct guess.

Ready to Order

Flip the PSP Vertically, and use it as a PDA to take an order from a table at a restaurant. Game ends when you submit your table's order, or when time runs out after your table has finished ordering.

RPS World Championship

Tournament of Rock, Paper, Scissors/Janken. Game ends after 17 rounds or a loss.

Run Like Heck

Drop the food as close to the beast as possible then run away. Game ends if eaten or if you escape.

The Net

A fisherman will arrange to meet you after a certain amount of hours/minutes, after which you retract the net and gain cash depending what is found. Bonus for meeting with the white haired fisherman. Penalty for ghost ships. Game ends after allotted time or if the PSP is put into Sleep/Standby modes.

William Hell

Fire an arrow at the apple on a troll's head, as in the story of William Tell. Bonus for consecutive shots on target. Penalty for hitting troll. Game ends after 3 shots.


See Multiplayer Jobs.

Two Legged Challenge

See Multiplayer Jobs.

Jobs from $10 Machine

Bouncer Bash

Protect the rock band from the killer fans and avoid stepping on wet towels. Bonus for rescuing damsels. Game ends when all 3 band members are killed.

Caddy's Quest

Scour the course via a top-down flick screen view, searching for golf balls and other objects. Bonus for finding turtle egg and special golf balls.

Candy Shop

Similar to the video game Columns, match 3 of the same candy on the skewers to score. Bonus for completing a gold skewer. Game ends if holding tube fills up.

Copycat 2

See Multiplayer Jobs.

Happy Bullet

Take note of the target info, then pan and zoom in on the hotel rooms à la Namco's Silent Scope to shoot a happy bullet at the mark. Bonus for hitting the mark within 5 seconds or with less than 1 second left on the clock.

Perfect Nanny

Stop the insects from reaching the babies with your mallet and bug bombs, yell at any crying babies. to calm them. Bonus for gathering candy. Game ends when too many babies are crying.


A clone of the video game Lunar Lander. Carefully thrust and rotate the pollen to land on the plant. Bonus for landing on special areas. Game ends on successful landing or a crash.

Private Number Deluxe

High prize version of this mini game.

Jobs from $50 Machine

Buddha's Quest

Battle 100 Buddha statues via the medium of RPG turn based attack menus, gaining HP boosts, items and equipment along the way. Game ends after all 100 are defeated or if your HP is reduced to 0.

Drunken Mayor

Guide the mayor's trembling hand to cut the ribbon at various opening ceremonies. Bonus for perfect timing. Game ends after 7 stages or if you miss.

Ghost Psychic

Look at the 3 pictures and determine if the ghost in each is real or fake.

Hand Bell Delight

Rhythm Action campanology. Ring the bells in time with the on screen prompts. Game ends after 3 wrong hits.

Private Number Executive

Even higher prize version of this mini game.

Space Blaster

A Shmup where you attack 3 large ships akin to level 3 of Irem's R-Type. Game ends if your ship is hit..

Multiplayer Jobs (Ad-Hoc)

Cliff Race 2000 Vs. (2 Players)

Same as single player. Loser of previous round starts in front.

Copycat 2 (2 Players)

Rules are as per the single player except you take turns.

Lumberjack Challenge (2 players)

The brown logs are replaced by blue and red logs. Players must chop only their respective color as well as avoiding the animals.

Seance (2-8 players)

Tap the buttons in time with the pulsating crystal ball to summon a spirit. Spirits featured are based on the figures Ludwig van Beethoven, Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Edison, Ishikawa Goemon and Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator.

Two Legged Challenge (2 players)

Synchronise your steps with the other player through 44 stages.

Tools List

Tools from $1 Machine

Chinese Astrologer

Enter your Birthday, age and sex to determine your Chinese astrological sign and receive a horoscope.

Eye Spy

Hold the PSP up to your face to freak people out, controlling the pupils and eyelids of various pairs of eyes.


Ask someone to input answers to a list of questions to see how compatible the two of you might be.

Handy Light

Show different colors on the PSP screen in differing patterns (color cycle, on/off blinking, SOS blinking etc.) This tool can check for stuck pixels on the PSP's LCD screen, and a PSP can be surprisingly handy in the dark,

Ramen Timer

One of the most (in)famous parts of WTF, the Ramen timer is a simple countdown timer that can be set for 3, 4 or 5 minutes. The charm comes from the fact that the entire time the countdown is running, a video plays of either a woman in a bikini or a muscular man in a thong, who will constantly pose for the camera and mention how much time is left.

Restaurant Bill Splitter

Divide a restaurant bill, either favorably towards women in the party or strictly even, taking into account any money already left towards the tab.

Tools from $5 Machine


A random number generator.


Two separate clicker counters (L trigger and R trigger) to count lot's of any amount, e.g. If you were to do 'Chick Sorting' in real life, with a box holding 32 chicks, 320 left clicks could be 10 boxes of cocks and 384 right clicks could be 12 boxes of hens.

King of the Castle

A parlour game where you choose one or two 'servants' to order (from 2-9 players) and the game gives commands such as 'Servant 1... hold servant 7's... tongue with chopsticks' and 'Servant 3... Stay silent... Until you fart.'

Tools from $10 Machine

World Clock

A scrolling atlas allowing you to see the time in various cities around the world or set an alarm. Alarm fails if PSP is put into sleep or standby mode, negating it's usefulness.


Trinket list

In the start menu, there are 8 pages of trinkets making a total of 448. Trinkets do not have any use in the game, and as you collect more and more, the chance of receiving duplicates increases accordingly.

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