Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle?

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#101 Posted by Cubidog1 (261 posts) -

Charmander is my 2nd favorite pokemon of all time. 1st is Charizard.

#102 Posted by Fat_Magnum (68 posts) -

Charmander or get bent.

#103 Posted by Spoonman671 (4828 posts) -
#104 Posted by JonathanAshleyMoore (283 posts) -

Bulbasaur all the way.

#105 Posted by StrainedEyes (1338 posts) -

Bulbasaur. The first and the best.

#106 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (3942 posts) -

Reading this just made me bust out my original brick gameboy and my copy of pokemon yellow.

#107 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1488 posts) -

Bulbasuar was the easy ticket for the first 2 gyms so easy but i cant resist choosing Squirtle

#108 Posted by demonknightinuyasha (479 posts) -

red version charmander all the way!

#109 Posted by Levio (1786 posts) -

Why not all 3? Charmander, Charbasaur, and Squirmander

#110 Posted by OmegaChosen (648 posts) -

Squirtle is the only way to go.

#111 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7098 posts) -

Bulbasaur all the way. Venasaur kicked the shit out of dudes.

#112 Posted by jking47 (1251 posts) -

Pikachu, you all were jealous of yellow version don't lie

#113 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (641 posts) -

while i didn't always go with Charmander, Charmander is the best because of Charizard.

#114 Posted by granderojo (1797 posts) -

Just started replaying Gold on DS with Heart Gold. Convinced that the second generation was by far the best ever. Best pacing of them all, best starters, and just overall combat is the best in the series. God I wish someone would make a fully fledged clone of that on PC, like XCOM style. How awesome would that be you guys?

#115 Posted by Sauson (561 posts) -

Squirtle then never let him evolve past Wartortle because Wartortle is the shit.

#116 Posted by Genkkaku (740 posts) -

Charmander because, yo he's a dinosaur and a dragon son!

#117 Posted by Cyrus_Saren (541 posts) -

First playthrough was Bulbasaur (only because the little starter guide I got with Nintendo Power said that was the best choice.) Every subsequent playthrough was Squirtle. Squirtle was just awesome.

#118 Posted by slayergnome (124 posts) -


#119 Edited by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

@thebunnyhunter said:

Bulbasuar was the easy ticket for the first 2 gyms so easy

Exactly! Bulbasaur is the best choice!

Got to admit though, he isn't a firebreathing dinosaur!

#120 Posted by rentfn (1290 posts) -

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