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The Game That Sold The Gameboy

Pokemon Red/Blue is a JRPG set in what is called the Kanto Region. The player takes on the identity of a young boy whose goal is to catch 150 Pokemon, beat the elite four, and become a Pokemon master. Your player carries a team of 6 Pokemon at one given time while you can store other members of your team in "Bill's PC". Pokemon Red/Blue was released in 1998 for the Gameboy as a monster catching game marketed towards players connecting and intereacting with each other.

Since being made in 1998, the game doesn't hold up well today against its newer counterparts. The games came out glitchy with certain uncatchable Pokemon being able to be caught and a glitched Pokemon that if caught, would corrupt your saved game. There is an unbalanced Pokemon type that overpowers the rest which can lead to the game having difficulty making you think about which Pokemon to use and what you should vary.

The game can vary and take you from 20 hours to countless hours depending on how much you want to grind to level your Pokemon up against your friends. If you have Pokemon Stadium for the Nintendo 64 then you can upload your Pokemon and use them to battle or play the game 2x or 3x afster than on a Gameboy.

I give this game a 4 out of 5 because of the glitches associated with the game and the unbalanced Pokemon types. The 4 stars come into play because of the innovative at the time, link play, and also because of the immersion that can take affect if you look past the glitches. I recommend playing with friends as they are needed to complete the Pokedex and the AI in the game is not the best in regards to choosing a strategy against you.

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