[Preparations for Season 7] PKMN League Season 6.

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Season 6 is live! All of the old rules apply, except for the fact that we're playing with 3 legendaries this time around (3 out of the maximum of 9 named Pokemon). The season is going to start soon, so sign up now. Don't forget to register your team with me by sending me a PM. If you do not register a team, you cannot participate.


GB NameTeam


Hey my team is carbink, aromatisse, mawile, musharna, dragalge, rhyperior. Subs; normal shaymin, genesect, palkia.


Hitmonchan, Primeape, Machamp, Meloetta, Mewtwo, Keldeo Subs: Pikachu, Greninja, Charizard


Togekiss, Ferrothorn, Venusaur, Heatran, Landorus-T, Latios Subs: Aegislash, Gliscor, Volcarona


Keldeo Garchomp Latios Bisharp Charizard Thundurus Subs: Dragonite Mandibuzz Gliscor


Kyogre, Rayquaza, Lucario, Charizard, Mamoswine, Togekiss. Subs: Mewtwo, Gengar, Blaziken.


Azumarill, Garchomp, Galvantula, Tyranitar, Aegislash, Mandibuzz. Subs: Scizor, Gliscor, and Venusaur.
SpaceBoatWhimsicott, Chandelure, Ferrothorn, Mewtwo, Kyurem-B, Genesect - Subs: Aegislash, Scizor, Starmie

More teams because I don't know how to edit an existing table

GB NameTeam
Turtlebird95Ho-oh, Suicune, Nidoking, Venusaur, Dialga, Volcarona Subs: Eelektross, Heracross, Braviary

Alakazam Tyranitar Aegislash Lucario Greninja Xerneas Subs: Tyrantrum Mewtwo Blaziken

Rules, yo!

1. You are to battle with the "normal" preset that sets all Pokemon to level 50. This season we are doing a best of 3 for every match (meaning you have to win 2 games against your opponent to advance) with a double elimination format (winners/losers brackets).

2. You are allowed to have a full team of 6 pokedudes, though you can have less if you're crazy. You may also have up to 3 subs. So you can have a total of 9 Pokemon eligible to participate.

2. B) In a best of 3 set, you cannot make subs if you won the previous match. So if you're 1 - 0 up that means you have to play the next game with your previous team of 6. However, losers of the latest game in a best of 3 set can use up to all 3 of their subs. So for example if you win 1 then lose the next game, you are allowed to make up to 3 subs for the final game.

C) The original 6 you register must be the starting team for the first game in a set.

3. If you are in the the tournament, you must PM me your [up to] 9 pokedudes that you will use for this season. Failure to do so results in exclusion (more details with point no. 9).

4. You should have 3 legendary pokedudes, and no evasion moves. You can put one of the opponent's Pokedudes to sleep but not more than that. Yes, you are free to use any Pokedudes that come from the Bank.

5. You can't have more than 1 of the same pokedude in your party, and the same goes for held items (so you can't have 6 leftovers for example). Items are locked to their pokedude, so you can't have leftovers on Dragonite in one fight but Mudkip in the other.

6. When a match is over, update your score on the bracket and post in this thread if you won or lost (we don't need both of you to post/update, just one).

7. Include replay codes of your matches in your posts so that everyone else can also see them.

8. Do not use this thread to set up match times/friend codes with your opponents, please use the PM system for that.

9. Registration for season 6 will end on April 18 or 19 (depends on # of players). The tournament will start a day after that.

10. As always, it is a good idea to take a picture of your victory/the opponent's team in case someone here tries to grief.

#2 Posted by fragor87 (94 posts) -

This "anything goes" legendary rule has me nervous. It's either going to be a ton of fun or really dumb because somebody rolls everyone with Power Herb Xerneas or something lol.

#4 Posted by DarthOrange (4124 posts) -
#5 Edited by GoranP (1253 posts) -

@darthorange: Hopefully this weekend!

And don't worry guys, this season is a one off break from the usual shenanigans, it won't set any precedents for the future.

#6 Posted by SpaceBoat (176 posts) -

Hehe, I kind of just patched my team up with some legendaries I happened to have lying around, so there's very little actual thought put into it. It should be fun.

#7 Posted by JJOR64 (19570 posts) -

Not going to enter this time around. Have fun without me guys.

#8 Posted by Hunter5024 (6447 posts) -

I should have my team finalized by tomorrow. Still experimenting with what I've got. This season's going to be weird and awesome.

#9 Edited by SleepoverKing (16 posts) -

Are legendaries mandatory this season, or can I just toss in a regular team for kicks?

#10 Posted by GoranP (1253 posts) -

Since I don't participate, it's up to you guys to decide on that.

#11 Posted by DarthOrange (4124 posts) -

Are legendaries mandatory this season, or can I just toss in a regular team for kicks?

I can't see why that would be a problem.

#13 Posted by SpaceBoat (176 posts) -

Gonna watch SleepoverKing enter and somehow wipe the floor with everyone.

#14 Posted by SleepoverKing (16 posts) -

Alright, awesome, I'll send my team over to GoranP ASAP.

I doubt I'll be wiping the floor with anyone, but I'm excited to see how it does either way!

#15 Posted by GoranP (1253 posts) -

Just waiting on @spaceboat to send me their team and we will start.

#16 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3137 posts) -

Ha, whoops! I was gonna finally sign up for this but I totally spaced it out. =/ Oh well, maybe next time.

Also I can offer the winner some pretty rad Pokemon as prizes, if you guys are down with that.

#17 Posted by Generic_username (731 posts) -

Ah, I wound up missing the signups. That's what I get for going out of town and staying away from a computer for the weekend. Oh well, I'm pretty likely to sign up next time. Good luck, guys!

#18 Posted by fragor87 (94 posts) -
#19 Posted by GoranP (1253 posts) -
#20 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3137 posts) -

Awesome! I should be all signed up on the site now. I'll have my team ready and PM it to you sometime tomorrow if that's alright.

#21 Posted by Generic_username (731 posts) -

Glad to get to join!

#22 Posted by GoranP (1253 posts) -

Got the new teams. Still waiting on @spaceboat We'll start during the day tomorrow if they don't send their team.

#23 Posted by GoranP (1253 posts) -
#24 Posted by SpaceBoat (176 posts) -

Just battled OhpMckenzie and won 2-0



The second game isn't as interesting because a lucky crit pretty much just ended it on turn 1...

#25 Posted by OhpMckenzie (23 posts) -

Yeah it's pretty unfortunate, but that's pokemen for ya. Even if that didn't happen, I'd have to make some amazing predicts to counter mega mewtwo as it outsped everything on my team. Genesect can too with the scarf, but that's a bit easier to play around. I wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge by not using any of the stuff from the smogon "ubers" tier (as much as everyone hates that site) but it's gonna be tough. They are just way too powerful.

#26 Posted by SpaceBoat (176 posts) -

Yeah, Genesect at least couldn't take out Latios the same way, and if it did happen, he would be locked into Ice Beam, which lets Keldeo set up. Mega Charizard probably could have beaten Mewtwo Y's low defense, but, again, the crit...

Maybe immediately switching in Thundurus would have worked? By the time he came out, I didn't really care one way or another whether Mewtwo was paralyzed. I also couldn't counter Taunt him with Whimsicott because I have a defense boosting nature.

Mewtwo, Genesect, and Kyurem-B were pretty much the only legendaries I had, so that's the story behind that if anyone is wondering why I have the big guy.

#27 Posted by OhpMckenzie (23 posts) -

I'm not totally sure. I haven't used this team in a single battle before this one since it's full of pokes I don't normally use, so I didn't have a concrete strategy coming in. All I probably could have done is send Thundurus in from the start and TWave right away. If that was the case though, you would have used ice beam instead of psyshock anyway so he'd be gone right off the bat and I really like having a prankster for later in the game. Even if I switched him in, I'm not totally sure he'd be able to live that psyshock anyway.

#28 Edited by SpaceBoat (176 posts) -

I mean, after Charizard was KOed. With only one Pokemon down, I'm not sure I would have stayed in to take the Thunder Wave just to get rid of Thundurus, because that would have effectively doomed Mewtwo to Garchomp. Gliscor also would have been able to stall forever without my speed advantage. It's hard to tell because that's like an entire battle that didn't happen.

#29 Posted by OhpMckenzie (23 posts) -

Hahaha yeah, pretty much. Also after Charizard was KO'd I pretty much thought the battle was over anyway so I wasn't thinking at the top of my game.

#30 Posted by Generic_username (731 posts) -

Man, that was awesome! @turtlebird95 had me on my toes the whole time. It was a fun couple of matches.

#31 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3137 posts) -

@generic_username: Same here! That Ice Beam you did cannot be praised enough! Awesome play and fun matches!

Here are the replay codes, if anyone is interested.



Second one is definitely the better one to watch!

#32 Posted by ThaMilkMan (385 posts) -

All of these battles are awesome, I can't wait to join back in on the fun in the next season!!

#34 Posted by GoranP (1253 posts) -

Everything going ok? Haven't heard from anyone in 4 days!

#35 Posted by fragor87 (94 posts) -

I think everything is going ok. Hunter and I are working on trying to figure out a time that works best for us. I've been swamped with work and home life so it's proving to be difficult to find a common time to meet up.

#36 Posted by SleepoverKing (16 posts) -

Sorry for the hold up, I'm actually going to have to drop out of the tourney; college has suddenly gotten very intense and doesn't show signs of slowing down for the next couple of weeks. Good luck to everyone else though!

#37 Posted by OhpMckenzie (23 posts) -

So...is anyone else going to play their games? I'm guessing it's because most of us are going through finals and stuff, but it's been almost a week since anyone has posted.

#38 Posted by fragor87 (94 posts) -

Hunter won 2-0. I'm dropping out from the tournament. Not going to deal with all of the other teams with Ubers Pokemon on them. I'll be back next season.

#39 Edited by Hunter5024 (6447 posts) -

The code for the first match is HMEG WWWW WWW7 BGGQ. Fragor withdrew late into the second match so I was not able to save the code. Sorry about how long it took everybody! We would've had it done a few days ago if I didn't have some system problems.

#40 Edited by Generic_username (731 posts) -

@darthorange has been pretty busy, I'll get back in touch with him sometime tomorrow!

#41 Posted by DarthOrange (4124 posts) -


Honestly just go ahead and count me as a lose. I have been pretty busy and my team was a goofy all fighting Pokemon team that wasn't going to get very far anyway. Sorry peeps.

#44 Posted by OhpMckenzie (23 posts) -

So are you dropping out of the whole tournament @darthorange? Asking cause we'd be matched up next.

#45 Posted by DarthOrange (4124 posts) -

So are you dropping out of the whole tournament @darthorange? Asking cause we'd be matched up next.

Yup take the win and go forward to victory!

#46 Posted by Hunter5024 (6447 posts) -

@darthorange: Damn I was hoping to use the Charmander you gave me against you at some point.

#47 Posted by Hunter5024 (6447 posts) -

@ohpmckenzie and I just had our battles which I managed to win. I took the first match with a little help from some lucky misses. He thoroughly beat me in the second match. The third match seemed to be going the same way until my Mamoswine survived a key moment paving the way for a sweep and a narrow victory.




#48 Posted by SpaceBoat (176 posts) -

Just finished my battles with Generic_username. 2-0

The second battle got really close! Both of our teams had pretty hard swings.



#49 Posted by Generic_username (731 posts) -

Yeah, those battles were great!

Also, this means I'm going up against @turtlebird95 again, which is funny.

#50 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3137 posts) -

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