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Two Steps forward in gameplay, several steps back in Story- 0

Prince of Persia: Warrior within is the sequel to The Sands of time and the dark middle chapter in the Sands of Time Trilogy.  The plot can be somewhat confusing if you have not played The Sands of Time. The story begins with the Prince being hunted by the Dahaka, a living embodiment of destiny. The Prince was supposed to die when he unleashed the Sands of Time and by changing the path of history has cheated his fate. The Dahaka hunts the Prince in order to correct history. This leads the Prince...

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A New Direction Alienates Fans of the Sands of Time 0

Last year, Ubisoft's Montreal studio unleashed a grand surprise on the gaming world with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.  It was an incredible reinvention of a classic series and was nominated for a slew of Game of the Year awards, winning several of them.  Although the game was critically acclaimed for its design, the game didn't sell so well.  Ubisoft even bundled it with Splinter Cell to try and get it off the shelves faster.  So when it came time for a sequel, Ubisoft Montreal deci...

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In many ways, its predecessor is an objectively better game. 10

Remember Prince of Persia : Sands of Time? And how that was a really good game with great puzzles, great characters, good story, great graphics, and well optimized difficulty? Well the sequel to Sands of Time named Warrior Within absolutely positively fails in all categories to live up to its predecessor. In many ways, its predecessor is an objectively better game. The darker tone clashes with the previous game's fairytale-like quality. Probably the biggest and most obvious change from Sands of ...

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Not quite perfect but a good sequel to Sands of Time. 0

In shortGraphicsVery detailed, and in some places, varied, despite the large amount of grey and brown shades used. - 4/5MusicContains a variety of music, which isn't bad, and is mainly a more rock oriented soundtrack than the first game. - 4/5GameplayGreatly improved combat, but still filled with platforming oriented puzzles like the first one. However, the difficulty curve can skyrocket at times (particularly during the Dahaka chase sections) and the camera isn't great either - 4/5Replay ValueA...

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Warrior Within could've—no, should've—been so much better 0

Ubisoft proved that it was serious about bringing the Prince of Persia series back in full force when it released The Sands of Time in 2003. The game had inventive level design, solid combat mechanics, and best of all a genuine storybook feel that made it something really special. For the first time in a long time, here was an action game that not only had great action, but a story and characters that gamers actually cared about. A year later Ubisoft released the sequel, Warrior Within, and game...

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Warrior Within drops the PoP series off a cliff. 0

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (WW) just went wrong somewhere. It's really a combination of a few different things, but where The Sands of Time (SOT) just felt right as a whole game, WW does not. The major areas that I paid attention to are the new combat system, the puzzles and how difficult they were due to sloppy controls and poor camera angles, the unwise change to an "extreme" theme, and the crappy audio on the Xbox version. The game itself hasn't changed that much since SOT, with the ex...

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Annoying,frustrating and one of the worst sequels ever 0

[This review was written while playing the Windows version of the game in Linux under Wine]On the technical side, Warrior Within has the same small problems as Sands on Time, but adds some more on top of it. It requires a no-cd crack to function in Wine and when you up the graphic detail level the picture ends up being upside down. Playing a bit around with the detail level and Wine configuration makes things playable, but still leaves a little upside-down artefact when one slows down the time. ...

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