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Tokyo Japan  Just as it's written   Tested on Xbox 360 Edition Amazing landscape and some "oddities" may occur Overall great variety for a map in general    
The massive trench in the west, huge jungle areas, and the beneath-sea-level waterfall in that north-eastern island were pretty cool.  What were the oddities you saw?
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Local boy makes spam.

Scoop at 11.  Up next, sports.  The Lakers beat the Supersonics, plus nobody I know got killed in south central L.A.  Back to you.
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@Azteck: @Haruko: @Green_Incarnate: @Haruko: @TentPole: @StarvingGamer: @1337W422102: @Brodehouse: @Subject2Change:

The most important point being 'Dualstick Topdown Shooter'-like controls - as in independent movement and aim. None of the examples you guys mention does that.

Bastion might be Dualstick Shooter like? Dunno. Yet need to get around to it - though it's definitely not with big guns and explosions and destructible environments.

I'm a PC gamer so I'm not really sure what a dual-stick shooter is, but Zax fits the description you gave.  It's been described as "Quake meets Diablo."  Move with WASD, aim/shoot with the mouse.  There isn't really loot to speak of, though.  You craft new weapons and items, but that's pretty much it.  No idea where you'd still be able to find the game any more, other than maybe ebay these days.  It wasn't that good, either, but I dug the Diablo-with-shooting-esque feel.
You might like Abuse and/or ARES: Extinction Agenda, but those are sidescrollers and not top down.  ARES has plenty of action and some kind of crafting/update system, if I remember correctly.
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Just wanted to say sorry to anyone I have pissed off over the last year or 2. I can be a bit of a prick and I know that this isn't a legitimate reason to be this way but I have been unemployed off and on for the last year and it has brought a lot of stress into my life. I become easily irritated because of this and sometimes lash out at the people that use this site. It is wrong of me to use these forums as a way to vent and relieve my stress and I apologize. I know this will most likely be locked because there is no discussion value here but I wanted the community to know that I feel bad for being a dick here and there. There are quite a few good people that post here and they deserve to be treated with respect. Sorry to the mods that I may or may not have pissed off and I hope you will forgive me. I am really not that bad of a person. Anyways I just wanted to say that this community means a lot to me and I felt like getting this off my chest. Sorry if this is super corny.

We good, laser. (manly handshake)
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I really don't get the big deal, what with there being so many other avenues for obtaining the entertainment media you want.

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Max Payne.

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Because money.  Pay for maps, the stuff that's on the disc you bought, and the privilege of multiplayer.  Freedom is slavery, etc.

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Sure is summer in here.