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I backed the game but never really payed much attention to it. I am sort of looking forward to it once it's out. I hope it turns out good.

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I guess the Army and Marine Corps are inherently evil too, which is why we'd never want the police to resemble them in any way whatsoever.

You don't want the police to resemble an army because both, idealy, have very different goals. Military is supposed to have a maximal impact on the enemy with as few friendly casualtys as possible. Police is supposed to uphold the law, the term of "enemy" should not exist for a police officer. In the end police is there to protect citizens.

If there is a situation that regular police forces can't handle there are always special forces like SWAT in the US or the GSG9 in germany. Regular police officers don't need access to military equipment because for what they are supposed to do that stuff is simply not needed. Especially if they are clearly not properly trained to use that equipment (see Ferguson).

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You should probably not play a game you don't like ... not every game is for everyone no matter how good/well made it is. I don't know what else to say ^^

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Right now it's Dragon Age, but only because it's closer to release. In the long run The Witcher 3 is definitely the game I'm most looking forward to.


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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Retail (Inter) ... heh, weird ... would have thought it was some valve game.

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Could not tell you ... I don't especially like that movie. I fucking HATE Cage. Connery and Harris are the only good thing about that film.

I agree with Jeff though: Bad Boys II is dope.

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@cale said:

That rotting banana is probably the best looking rotting banana I've ever seen in a game.

Year of the banana!

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Huh? New Ghostbusters? Did I miss something?

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Too bad :/ ... I liked the last Tomb Raider and would have most likely played the next one. But I'm sure as heck not getting a xbox for that.

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Will there be another community tournament anytime soon? ... I'm really not good at the game but like to fight some duders anyways.