What I want from GiantBomb

Ok you asked so here is what I would like to see added to GiantBomb:

  1. Xbox Live Gamertag, PSN, Wii, Xfire, support for profile.
  2. Organizing the layout of profile, being able to move the different things around.
  3. Display less reviews at a time.
  4. Twitter support. Allow us to put our Twitter updates in a convenient spot.
  5. Move the "About Me" Section to a better location.
Anyway it goes, GiantBomb will only get better.

Goal Achieved

After spending most of the day taking advantage of quick user image uploads I made it to 1,000 points today! WHOO! Other games that helped me get to this point where Overlord and the Eragon game. I did both of the articles and all of the pictures for Overlord. I am still working on the Overlord article, because it needs some more work. It feels really good to be able to make live edits and no longer have to wait. When I got to 996 points I was like "I'm almost there! And then I checked again and I was at 1,225"

No there is more time for me to update this blog and be on the forums, and of course comment in your blog as well. Now I am off to do some other things off GiantBomb. Maybe downloard Geometry Wars 2? I will probably do that becasue I have seen Giant Bomb put a review awarding the game 5 stars and a lot of blogs saying it was a good game as well. SoulCalibur IV will have to wait until next week for me. I have some other stuff to save for at the moment and I don't see myself enjoying the game enough to warrent a $60 purchase on it. So I will mostly likely wait for next week or a used copy.

Thats all I am writing for now. Later!


I've Got a Jing

So I got this new program call Jing that allows for easy screen capture and video capture. So I though why not try to help others on GiantBomb? So I took a few images for you. I decided I would let others know, if they didn't already about adding, missing games, characters, companies, etc.

Main Page

After that you should be taken to a page that contains this, you will have to scroll down.

Help Page

Once on this page it contain's all the link that will take you to add a certain item. A new window appears to add those items. For games and most other items it loos like this:

Adding a game.

And that should do it. Hope that helped, for anyone that needed it. Jing is pretty cool. Google it to take a peak at it or download it for yourself. Also the progams lets you add those arrows and blurbs. You can also box and highlight.


Another Day

Hello again,

Its been busy working on submission all day. But it has been fun as well. I can only dream the day I reach the 1000 point... point. So in the meantime I will take a break from it becasue, well most of mine are still pending. I guess I will be in the forums then, posting away. I am still in need of friends here, so add me to your network!

The Second Day

GiantBomb Review
Today is the second full day of access to GiantBomb. I know just from yesterday that this has to be one of the greatest game sites I have belonged to and was actively involved in. So far I have been busing accepting friend request, which I accepted all of them and will continue too as well. :) I have also added some of my reviews from GameSpot. They are below this blog, so feel free to read them and leave a comment with your feedback! The forums on this site are nice to browse and post in, something that got boring and stale in other game sites.

I have also been busy adding pictures to the site and adding other things. So I will be active in the forums in a little bit. So see you there!


Now on Board

Ah, so this is GiantBomb. Pretty nice site. I think I will be using more than any other gaming site from now on. I think I should introduce myself as my first blog on GiantBomb. I am Aaron. I am seventeen years-old and I reside in suburb of Dayton, Ohio. I like playing games, I got into around the NES era as it was my first console. Loved that Duck Hunt. After that I got a Nintendo 64, and played Banjo-Kazooie as my first game and Quest 64 as my second. Moved onto the GameCube after that and the year later decided to give that Sony console, the PlayStation 2, a try. Loving the PS2 I said heck, lets give that fat console a try and got myself an Xbox. Maybe two years later I got myself an Xbox 360 and that is where I am now. I also own all the current and past handheld gaming devices.

So now that you know me a little better feel free to add me as a friend. I am sure it would be nice to build up that realationship here. If you are wondering I am a current user at GameSpot as well. I am Agreb91 there, so you could know me! I think that sould do it for my first post. Hope to be back soon and have lots of friends!

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