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"Someone who probably shouldn't be in charge of marketing products anymore, that's who."


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No, don't bother...

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I was really hoping BioWare had just said they were making a new ending to shut everyone up... Then as time went on, people would just forget about it. That would have been hilarious.

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It's an amazing game, one of my favorites, but I'll admit it is a bit too long. It took me a year to finish it because I thought I had beaten the game, only to realize there was a lot more to play. I needed a break. As time went on, I thought maybe it's not that great... but randomly one day I had the urge to finish it and did. I do love it.

I also spent way too much time fishing... but that's really my fault and can't blame the game for that. I don't know why I get hooked by fishing in games so much. I had about 80 hours total, and I think 20 of it was just fishing.

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$50 for all BF3 expansions? That doesn't sound too bad.

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@Winsord: Bad puns! Hopefully Molyjam becomes a yearly event... and the puns along with it!

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What an amazing event! I'm sure it will set a precedent for the industry. Only good can come of this!

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He's a great man, and possibly the most genuinely enthusiastic man I have ever met. Also, I still think he looks like a Japanese Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter).

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As a resident of Houston and a fan of the Astros (well, maybe 10 years ago Astros), I am not at all offended by your comment. In fact, anyone who is is also delusional. I could not have stated it anymore truthfully than you did. And if you think we suck now, wait until we're in the American League in 2014! Go Stros!

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Although I'd like to add this... If everything there is about microtransactions (the paintball, zipline, food, etc.), that entire post is null and void. I didn't even think about that until I thought about it (makes sense).