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Ill help you out

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i sent you a pm with my name for the whitelist but just in case its EddieNashton

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I just wanna play some MineCraft with other people haha

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@Dany: No story? play the single player man. the game isn't just the multiplayer
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I've already beat that game when it came out but i wouldnt mind playing it on the pc. pick me pick me lol

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i cant seem to get the   Apocalyptic-protagonistic one

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@wrathofconn:  i wasn't really thinking of that but that is probably what they are doing. I was just trying to give the Whiskey guys the BOD because im sure they didnt want to sit there and put it up right after they did it. and i didnt know that the BLLSnsL was up that day i guess Vinny finally got the stuff to work his Italian magic, but yeah im sure they are trying to make sure that the members are able to get it and the non-members cant which will be interesting to find out how they do it.
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@wrathofconn said:
" @Agghyson: to everyone asking about an archived version, it is in the works. It isn't up yet, but yes there will be an archived version. I know people will keep asking on the next page anyway but hey. "
Just trying to keep the word out i wondering too and then i saw this. i'm sure they will put one up though during the week since it does air on Friday. I mean it took the Big Live Live so Not So Live a couple of days to get up so patience is needed when coming to the technical side. i mean they dont have super resources like Leo Laporte and his twit cottage.
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so a LBP clone on the wii hmm interesting

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Ive tried everything i can think of i can get this one 

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