Whiskey Media's Minecraft Server: Part Deux!

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Current Map - Created by Massif (tompsweeney) - Server currently running version 1.6.2

Subway Map - Created by jasondesante

Server news is now delivered via Twitter/Giant Bomb updates. To receive it, follow @GBMinecraftServ on Twitter or Nodderly on Giant Bomb!

There is a whitelist, so please send me a PM that includes your Minecraft username if you'd like to be added! For reference:


  • Must be a member of Giant Bomb. Must have been a member for more than a month. Don't tell your cousin's nephew about the server; I won't add him. Ask me, and maybe I'll make an exception.
  • Don't touch other people's things unless given permission by them.
  • Do not build view-destroying sky castles or sky bridges.[1]
  • Don't pour lava from high places, it's ugly and difficult to manage. Don't build your name out of blocks. Don't build a giant stickman taking a piss. Don't build something really out-of-character near or in someone's themed town.[2]
  • Do not attempt to deconstruct others' works if you feel they have broken the rules. Tell me, then I'll look into it.
  • Do not pester or bully new users.
  • Do not burn trees down. Fire spreads.
  • If you leave the server for over a month and have a project that is unfinished and that blocks usable space, then it will be taken down, unless a sign is erected saying when you will be back.
  • Minecart tracks are to be built at least 15 blocks underground, so as to not disrupt the view or clutter up possible building space (kinda like the real world), unless your project makes more sense above ground. Ask if you're unsure.
  • Have common sense.[3]


If you're wondering why there's a rule against this, it comes from me playing the game awhile. Basically: every new user wants to create a floating city, or a railway, or an air-bridge, or a floating castle. In moderation, they could be great (and yours could be one of the good ones), but in reality, every single person has given up on them, in the process creating a really generic hunk of view-destroying rock. It's basically just me trying to keep the server looking nice.


This may seem confusing at first. Basically, you can build wherever you want, as long as there's room, and as long as you don't disturb anyone's stuff. If you're unsure about building something somewhere, just ask around.


Hello! Thanks for reading the rules. I added this bit because a lot of people were contacting me about the server and had obviously not read the rules. So, here's the thing. When you send me a PM or post in the forum to ask for access, include the secret password. By using the secret password, I will know that you have read at least this far! The password is batmanbatmanbatman.


Moderators exist on the server to help out when I'm not around. They are not your personal diamond dispensers or mine-slaves. If something has been griefed, they can offer you repair supplies. If someone is being a tool, they can kick him. Please be kind to these people, because they're volunteering to make the server a better place to play.

Current Moderators:


Donation Information

I don't have a problem with supporting the server myself, but several people have inquired about making donations to help with the cost of running the server.

  • The server currently costs $19.95 a month to run.
  • It is paid through PayPal.
  • The PayPal account paying for the server is GBMCServer@gmail.com.
  • Every month, I will check that PayPal account and add the difference to make sure that we hit $19.95.
  • Any donations are appreciated.

No special server privileges beyond my love and respect will be granted to donors. I don't want this to become pay-to-play.

Server Heroes! (People who have donated so far)

Brackynews - 2 HIT COMBO!


defias (zackman59) - Holy crap, 5 HIT COMBO!?

Marnox (Murundi) - 2 HIT COMBO!


This is mostly a vanilla Bukkit server and is likely to remain so. I'm sure the mods that add planes and guns and whatever are super cool, but they can also be a giant hassle with conflicts and upgrades. If you have any suggestions for mods you would like to see, please feel free to PM me or post it in this thread for discussion.

Current plugin commands on the server:

/kit - Follow this command with dirt, sand, wools, cobble, or clay. The syntax is /kit dirt, /kit sand, /kit wools, /kit cobble, and /kit clay. You will receive an infinite stack of that item. This has already been the subject of some controversy, so I'll explain my thoughts here. Cobble, sand and dirt represent the evil trinity of Minecraft as far as I'm concerned. Cobble and dirt are both things that you have a giant annoying surplus of half the time, and the other half you end up scrounging for more. Sand is uncommon in the convenient areas of our current map, and sand-lust leads people to tear up beaches which are otherwise very pretty. I'd prefer to keep the beaches. Colored wool is specifically for the purpose of pixel art. Nothing makes the server feel more like an extension of Giant Bomb than having Mario and Meat Boy and Commander Keen watching over us, and I will do anything necessary to make that easier for people. If that means letting someone potentially build an easy house out of colored wool, so be it.

/spawn - Returns you to the main spawn point in the area of the world that is currently nameless.

Lockette has been installed on the server. To lock doors or chests, place a sign on them that says [Private].

Spawn features a collection of teleporters to help you visit all the cool places on the server. To use a teleporter, stand in the middle, look down, and right-click the center block. It will only work if you are empty-handed or holding a tool. Only I can add new teleporters. If you've constructed a cool place that you think deserves a teleport, ask me for one and I'll probably agree!

We have a guide for community projects! Go here now:


The IP address is:

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Cherry poppin' this thread.

#3 Posted by Gnubberen (828 posts) -

I think I might need to get whitelisted.

Name's Gnubberen in case you forgot! :P

#4 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -

@FlemmingM: I noticed! The old whitelist did not transfer, so some people may be left off. Sorry if that is the case. You're good to go now!

#5 Posted by Irvandus (3117 posts) -

I would like to join, names Irvandus.

#6 Posted by EuanDewar (5155 posts) -

Name: VV_Hotel

I'm a taurus.

#7 Posted by TEHMAXXORZ (1190 posts) -

Can you whitelist me please?


#8 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -

@Irvandus: Done

@EuanDewar: Done

Welcome aboard!

#9 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3629 posts) -

Wow, I must have missed a lot. 
Anyway, name's Kawrson. 

#10 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3629 posts) -
@FunExplosions: Oh yeah, forgot to says thanks for running the server. You must have the patience of a saint.
#11 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -
@TheSeductiveMoose You're in. :)
#12 Posted by FunExplosions (5534 posts) -

@TheSeductiveMoose: The biggest annoyance was ArtofWar, and since they're out of the picture forever, I think Nodderly and Massif(?) will be far better off.

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Can I be added? I know I've been dead lately but I'll probably be on more now. 
@FunExplosions said:

If you were on the old one, you don't need to be whitelisted; I gave Nodderly the whitelist file, too.

I should learn to read first...
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Looking forward to jumping on. I sent a pm to nodderly not sure if hes still online tho. Can i plz be whitelisted.

#15 Edited by FunExplosions (5534 posts) -

@M_33: Haha, I deleted that comment. I didn't read, either, apparently:

@Nodderly said:

@FlemmingM: I noticed! The old whitelist did not transfer, so some people may be left off. Sorry if that is the case. You're good to go now!

I guess there was an error or something.

#16 Posted by SteepInKline (196 posts) -

@Nodderly: I'd like to be whitelisted. My game name is SteepInKline (creative, I know).

#17 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -
@FunExplosions The file is present, but I have to manually add the names to the CraftBukkit whitelist.

@SteepInKline Done!
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New whitelist? Oh darn, name's Luchadeer, but you already knew that.. right?

I might pop on when you add me, uni life has been way too hectic!

#19 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -

@Lumley: It isn't totally new, but you're on it :D

#20 Posted by makari (644 posts) -

Oh, that's why it's kicking me repeatedly.

MC name is turboether

#21 Posted by dudeglove (9640 posts) -

Can I get in on this shit too? User is dudeglove.

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@makari: Done. Welcome aboard!

@dudeglove: Also done.

#23 Posted by hinderk (705 posts) -

Can I get added?

Minecraft name is hinderk

#24 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -

@hinderk: Done!

#25 Posted by SSully (4755 posts) -

Sounds great, can't wait to see the new server.

#26 Posted by Massif (83 posts) -

Oooooh sorry I missed the grand opening. I've got Canadian Thanksgiving :P I'm currently working on an automated map system. I'll post a manually generated map soon. There's not much, but it'll help coordinate city building.

#27 Posted by FunExplosions (5534 posts) -

@Nodderly: A glimpse of things to come:

#28 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -

@FunExplosions: You make it look so romantic!

#29 Posted by saxmusician20 (163 posts) -

name: brentsax20


#30 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -

@saxmusician20: Already done. :D

#31 Posted by DaddyTin (60 posts) -

Thanks to FunExplosion to get the full year under the belt without too many Federal investigations.  I did not have sex with that.....that worman! 
Looking forward to getting this Spawner Tsunami under control.   At least, if I have 8 torches, the spawn should go dorment.   
Thanks to both Nodds and Fun for moving the world without a re-Genesis!
#32 Posted by Tebbit (4577 posts) -

@Nodderly: Hey man, could you whitelist me? I'm Tebbitbreath

I think.

#33 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -

@Tebbit: Assuming that's the correct name, you're good to go!

#34 Posted by Herocide (447 posts) -

Could I get in?

Name: Herocide

#35 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -

@Herocide: Done! Welcome aboard!

#36 Posted by FunExplosions (5534 posts) -

@Nodderly: Oh yeah, and feel free to adjust, remove, or add any rules you see fit. ...Not that I need to tell you that. Just lettin' you know I won't be offended. It's out of my hands!

#37 Posted by JJOR64 (19588 posts) -

Good shit. Been playing Minecraft with a buddy of mine a lot lately so I might have to stop in from time to time.

#38 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -

Added the latest info about donations and plugins to the main post. Now I'm fighting the cold medicine to see if I've forgotten anything. :D

#39 Posted by ZombiePie (6294 posts) -

@FunExplosions said:

@Nodderly: A glimpse of things to come:

You made the mistake of making the previous Minecraft Server Directory a blog post meaning that for every post you would receive a PM. As this is not a blog post the author will only receive a PM if they are quoted or @commented.

#40 Posted by Subjugation (4826 posts) -

@ZombiePie said:

@FunExplosions said:

@Nodderly: A glimpse of things to come:

You made the mistake of making the previous Minecraft Server Directory a blog post meaning that for every post you would receive a PM. As this is not a blog post the author will only receive a PM if they are quoted or @commented.

Mistake would sum up Fun's reign over the server quite well. One. Big. Mistake.

#41 Posted by Capum15 (5156 posts) -
Holy shit that's a lot of new people. I hope y'all are cool and help build awesome things.

@Subjugation: Bahahaha.
#42 Posted by bunkerbuster05 (500 posts) -

Rynoceros is the name, getting whitelisted is my game!

#43 Posted by McShank (1649 posts) -

Dr_Drizzle if you may please. Also, is the old server (Since 1.8 gone?)

#44 Posted by Drazat (176 posts) -

Please ad me Drazat.

#45 Posted by Shademonger (161 posts) -

Crazy awesome to see all the new names and faces. Here's hoping that this new server map sticks and doesn't go wonky like all the other recent ones.

#46 Posted by Massif (83 posts) -

New map is up! No zooming yet. I'm still working on it:


#47 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -

@bunkerbuster05: Done!

@McShank: Done!

@Drazat: Done!

@Shademonger: I have a couple of backups, on the server and locally. I'm really hoping to make it permanent.

@Massif: That looks awesome!

#48 Posted by DaddyTin (60 posts) -

Getting greenhouse finished. Here was my setup in the last world:

#49 Posted by DaddyTin (60 posts) -

And the current auxillary:

And the outside view:

#50 Posted by Capum15 (5156 posts) -
@DaddyTin: Looks pretty good.

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