Whiskey Media's Minecraft Server: Part Deux!

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@Massif: The map looks nice! I can see the Ziggurat nice and clear. That's probably all that will ever show on the map, as the rest of it is going to be built underground.

Also, who built the big bridge over the ocean?

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@Massif: Oh man, that's pretty great, I can see my house from here! The hills are looking pretty good.

I can also see that the Nether portal was moved outside. Were portals ever able to spawn Ghasts in the overworld, or was that just a random myth?
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I'd love to join in the mining and crafting! My name is ackbarthegreat.

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Sign me up


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@Shademonger said:

@Massif: The map looks nice! I can see the Ziggurat nice and clear. That's probably all that will ever show on the map, as the rest of it is going to be built underground.

Also, who built the big bridge over the ocean?

Shade, I built that to have a path to my island. There are safe houses along the way. No mob issues on the bridge for me at night but that might be different now. I can't get map to show in my browser or I would look myself.

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@AckbarTheGreat: Done!

@Niall_Sg1: Done!

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@Subjugation said:

@ZombiePie said:

@FunExplosions said:

@Nodderly: A glimpse of things to come:

You made the mistake of making the previous Minecraft Server Directory a blog post meaning that for every post you would receive a PM. As this is not a blog post the author will only receive a PM if they are quoted or @commented.

Mistake would sum up Fun's reign over the server quite well. One. Big. Mistake.


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@Shademonger said:

Also, who built the big bridge over the ocean?

Seriously, haha.

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Damn I'm no longer white-listed. Granted I've not been on in ages but still, can I get re-added: AlexWW00d. Thanks.

See if I can be of some service before the tirade of holiday season games come my way.

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@FunExplosions: Come at me bro!

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@AlexW00d: Done!

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Chests and their contents seem to be disappearing. I advise to hide your chests and keep important items on yourself until this is resolved.

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What we have here is an inventory rapist in the projects. He's climbing in your windows, snatching your diamonds up. So y'all need to hide your picks, hide your wheat, and hide your obsidian, 'cause they're rapin' all the inventory out here.

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@Shademonger: You are the best. Where's the auto tuner?
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So I got bored, and with M3 helping with the cobblestone base in the water, I decided to randomly make this cactus farm.

...so, uh, there's a three-tiered cactus farm there if anyone needs cactus some time for some reason. The pick-up area is the little hole in the first picture on the right.

So now, until I manage to get pumpkin seeds, I've got all the farms done.

...except mushroom. Fuck.
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I'd like to get on the whitelist, if your please. Username willhodgson2004.

Also, I'm getting a message saying "outdated server". I'm running 1.9 pre-release 3, is the server still on 1.8 official?

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@Lively: Yeah, the server stays on official releases.

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@Lively: Done! We've had enough historical stability problems with proper releases, so I expect we'll avoid prereleases for the time being.

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@Nodderly: A great stance considering these Pre-releases are basically bug tests to make sure Minecraft doesn't simply explode upon updating.
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So is it a new whitelist or am I still on it if I was white-listed on the old one?

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@Azteck: You should be okay. Let me know if it bounces you!

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Just a heads up guys, a future update (possibly 1.9) changes animal spawning quite a bit. Now the specifics haven't been released explicitly, but people have found out that animals don't spawn more than once on a chunk in the 1.9.3 Pre-Release.

Jeb has said that animals will be persistent (and that regrowth on sheep will happen due to it), so if they don't keep spawning now and then, animal breeding becomes a necessity. So I'd prepare materials for some kind of pen or farmhouse.

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An unfortunate general announcement:

There have been a few conspicuous disappearances of items from chests lately, including substantial amounts of diamonds, iron, and a set of armor. I really really don't want to have to install logging software because it can negatively impact server performance and requires me to set up an SQL server. I also really really don't want to have to ban anybody because I like seeing people on the server. I have not been stingy with the /give command if people need items, and I would much rather you ask me for a set of armor than take one from somebody else.

I'm considering adding a couple of moderators to the server to keep an eye on things like this when I'm not around. These lucky souls wouldn't have /give power, but they could /kick or /ban if needed. If you think this is a great idea, let me know. Terrible idea? Same! I won't take it personally. And if you have a recommendation for someone you'd respect as a mod, PM me. Bonus points if they aren't in my timezone (EST).

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@Nodderly: In all honesty, I don't think it's a bad idea at all. It's a pretty tall order to try to police everything on your own. The preferable solution would be for this sort of thing to never happen in the first place though. In my experience the vast majority of the players on the server are more than willing to share items to help someone out, so this kind of conduct is completely unnecessary.

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@Subjugation: I hate the idea of "policing" anything. I mean, come on, guys! It's just Minecraft! No need to get all Ocean's Eleven on someone's diamonds. But as long as the Johnny Oceans of the world roam our server, there must always be a Batman.

I may not understand Ocean's Eleven very well.

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@Subjugation: I agree with everything you said, as if there are people on, there are usually at least one or two people who will give items to help someone start out or something.
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@Nodderly: Can I be Matt Damon?

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@Subjugation: If I can be Christian Bale.

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An easy way to hide your chest is to put on a piratehat and bury it! That said, don't come digging in my desert! Yarr!

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I'll keep an eye on all the young whippersnappers.

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@Shademonger: I'd vote for you.

@Marnox: Burying a chest keeps it pretty safe, as I did that in the old world with all my important chests. Find a spot you'll remember but isn't obvious, and dig straight down. Then replace the blocks.
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@Nodderly: If you're using Buckit then I know of a plugin that works server-side that lets users lock their chests to them only by putting a sign on it. Then if someone unauthorized tries to open it, it doesn't do anything unless they have the rights. Not sure what it was called but I could ask a friend who uses it.
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@Azteck: That sounds useful. If you can get me the name of the plugin, I'd test it out.

#84 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -
@Nodderly: I'll try and get a hold of him for tomorrow. I forgot to mention that it also works on doors, so you can lock your property if you want to.
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I think Fun tried that on the old server. From what I remember it didn't stop people from destroying the chests. Maybe that has been fixed.

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Is the server down?

#87 Posted by Massif (82 posts) -

Just restarted it. Try now

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@Elbon: Were you getting an error of some kind? I was watching the server and it looked okay to me.

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Yeah, Fun had a chest locking mod where you could assign ownership to chests by punching them and also assign keys to doors. I don't remember if that prevented people from straight up destroying doors/chests to bypass that protection though.

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@Subjugation: When it was working (which was never a sure thing), destroying a chest wasn't possible. There's a ton of different plugins for it, though, so it's all dependent on which one Nod/Massif wanna get.

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I'd like an invite. Same as my GB username.

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@Nodderly said:

@Elbon: Were you getting an error of some kind? I was watching the server and it looked okay to me.

You are watching us, huh? Big Brother!
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@Marnox: He knows where we live. No, seriously, I'm sure he's visited your houses, caves, towers and whatnot, as he's visited my island a few times.

On a side note, I won't be on much for the next few days since Assault Horizon happened. The chest locking sounds good if it works more constantly than the last, though.
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@Marnox: @Capum15: He is indeed watching us. He spoke to me with the voice of God when I first joined the server and told me to kill my neighbors. Honest. And he wasn't even on the server.

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@Subjugation: I wondered why that area was devoid of life.
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@Marnox: Hey, no I'm not!

I'm much more like the Eye of Sauron.

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@Azteck: He used a jpg of a sweaty man?

How about it, @FunExplosions? Do you use a jpg of a sweaty man for anything?

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@Azteck: God I hope that was intentional.

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